Fort Hood Deadly Shooting

Watch Lt. Gen. Mark Milley III Corps Commander at Fort Hood, Texas issue a press summary and answer questions at this first Press Conference regarding today’s tragic shooting at Fort Hood by a 34 year old enlisted man identified as Ivan Lopez who was undergoing behavioral and mental health issues.


The shooter took his own life after drawing his own weapon, a purchased 45 caliber Colt semi-automatic pistol after engaging a female Military Police officer. Three military personnel were also killed in the shootings by the perpetrator, 16 others others were wounded, some seriously. Gen. Milley noted that hidden weapons are barred under Army protocol from Fort Hood.

The actions took place at a transportation battalion and adjacent medical facility. The shooter used a vehicle from the motor pool, alighting to fire at victims in the building. The devastating actions took place over a period of less than 15 minutes.

As Gen. Milley said at the conclusion of this initial press  conference, pray for the survivors and support the families of the victims, all of whom live on or near the vast military base in Killeen, Texas. When asked if today’s tragic events may have triggered an “oh no, not again” reaction, he countered by saying that his first obligations was to secure the facility and attend to the casualties.

Although he indicated that this was not a terrorism event, the matter of why the shooter, who had served four months in Iraq , had been recently transferred  to Fort Hood  was undergoing mental and behavioral evaluations.

The shooter was allegedly in the process of being evaluated for possible PTSD. Gen. Milley indicated that there would be daily press briefings.


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