How Many More Unanswered Questions Are We Willing To Accept?

In the exchange of five Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base did we exchange them for a prisoner of war (POW), deserter, or traitor?

Did the Administration realize their Bergdahl decision makes every active duty soldier and American civilian at large a future added value target for abduction and rapid exchange for Guantanamo prisoners?

Does this release of five high level Taliban Commanders advance President Barak Hussein Obama’s 2009 Executive Order 13492 to close Gitmo at any cost?

What were the real reasons for ordering non-disclosure statements from those on the scene at Benghazi and the Bergdahl affair?

Can the behavior of Bowe Bergdahl be considered serving with “honor and distinction?”

Was the urgency of Bergdahl’s prisoner swap to deflect from the VA scandal and the negative reactions to President Obama’s Memorial Day and West Point speeches?

What was, in 2012, the political reason to declare that Al-Qaeda was decimated?

What are the reasons behind the repeated distorted talking points used by National Security Advisor Susan Rice?

What was the reason(s) the administration consented to unilaterally canceling a negotiated missile defense deal with Poland?

Will we see an exchange of Cuban political prisoners for Alan Gross who has been detained in Cuba since 2009?

How many more unanswered questions are we willing to accept?