Florida: Why was Chip LaMarca the only Republican to march in the gay Twilight Parade?

fort lauderdale gay parade participants

Stonewall Pride Street Festival participants. For a larger view click on the photo.

I reported on the The Broward County, FL Twilight Parade was held on June 21st at followed by the Stonewall Pride Street Festival. Well guess who came to the parade? None other than Republican County Commissioner Chip LaMarca of Broward County. LaMarca is up for reelection and is facing a primary race.

According to BrowardBeat.com, “… LaMarca’s redrawn district now contains about 10,500 more Democrats than Republicans.” Is that why LaMarca was the lone Republican marching in a parade that glorifies “sodomy and  debauchery” in Wilton Manors on June 21, 2014. LaMarca was the only one of the nine county commissioners to participate. LaMarca was accompanied by his wife.


For a larger view of the Broward visitor log click on the image.

Red Broward of The Daily Broward in August 2013 wrote:

Broward County Commission Chip LaMarca and Democrat House Leader Perry Thurston discussed a board appointment just minutes before a County Commission meeting. The Broward County Commission visitor log [image on the right] shows LaMarca and Thurston discussed the appointment over the telephone. No further information was provided.

Thurston is the Broward Democrat under investigation for telling tall tales about where he sleeps at night. Lori Parrish’s investigators said Thurston “violated the law” by taking a homestead exemption on his Plantation home. Thurston is facing another investigation by the Florida Bar.

This is the same Perry Thurston that is trying to embarrass Governor Rick Scott into holding a special session on the Stand Your Ground law. This is the same Perry Thurston rumored to be considering a bid against Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. This is the same Perry Thurston that was working for firms involved in the airport financing plan.

So why is “Republican” LaMarca taking Perry’s phone calls?

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Chip and Eileen LaMarca with His Eminence Giovanni Cardinal Lajolo, President of Vatican City.

LaMarca also considered a Republican primary run for Congress in 2012 against Adam Hasner, a strong conservative. Last year Tom Lauder from MediaTrackers.com reported:

Broward County commissioner Charles “Chip” LaMarca is facing foreclosure on his Broward County home, court records show. In May of 2012, Wells Fargo Bank initiated court proceedings in an attempt to collect more than $385,000 from LaMarca and his wife. A Media Trackers Florida review of court records reveals how lobbyists, professional sports franchises, and the proliferation of campaign cash have played a role in this case.

Court records show LaMarca failed to make payments on a line of credit issued by Wells Fargo bank in June of 2006. Bank statements show LaMarca stopped making payments in August of 2010, just before winning the 2010 county commissioner election. As the lone Republican on the Broward County Commission, LaMarca often touts his fiscal responsibility and business experience. LaMarca is running for re-election in 2014.

BTW, LaMarca represents Broward County on the Florida Association of Counties Board of Directors and Finance and Audit Committee.

So is LaMarca a say one thing and do another Charlie Crist Republican? Is he a sheep in strange clothing? Is he someone who will be loyal to the Republican Party platform and support marriage as between one man and one woman? Does he deserve reelection?

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo of Chip LaMarca and his wife Eileen (right) marching in the homosexual Twilight Parade by Anthony Man/Sun Sentinel.