Florida Amendment 1: Danger — Wolves in Government Clothing

videothumbnail-trailer1This past week I attended the film “The Florida Corridor Expedition: Everglades to Okefenokee” promoting the need for Floridians to spend an additional $19.5 Billion on land acquisition to expand wildlife corridors. The problem with the film is only one side was presented: The need to connect Florida’s wildlife corridors. What about the other side: Protecting private property rights of Floridians?

Wildlife corridors are non-taxable conservation lands where animals roam freely.

Although well done the film showed a trip from the Everglades to Georgia by a team of environmentalists (paid by tax dollars?). My question was how much land will be taken from Floridians to complete this dream and who’s dream is it anyhow? I fully understand and support reasonable conservation. I know that Florida has some of the most beautiful trails and Eco-systems in the world bringing millions of visitors each year but… There reaches a point when we realize humans and freedoms will be sacrificed to make this happen. Does that make sense?

Currently 40% of Florida is in some conservation scheme. In simple terms that means 40% of Florida is off the tax roles! Land in conservation pays no taxes to the community creating deficits made up by the community. Currently almost 65% of Broward and Miami-Dade counties fall in this category. Due to this lost revenue, these counties have the highest tax rates in the state.

The statement was made, “[T]he Amendment will not cost Floridians anything.” Audience question:

“If Doc Stamps are used to pay for this Amendment, what happens to the money Doc Stamps were supposed to fund programs for the poor and elderly?”

Their answer:

“50% of Doc Stamps were to be used for conservation but the money went into the general fund. We are asking for 33% so we are asking for less.” That answer makes no sense.

What difference does it make what pocket you are taking money from? if you are taking money designated for another program, like poor and elderly that program will have to find money some place else. The tax payer will be asked to now fund the poor and elderly or else.. If you say no, you will be demonized because you don’t like the poor and elderly. I asked:

If land will be taken from the tax roles and put into non taxable conservation programs, who will make up the lost revenue to the counties?”

Their answer:

“If people move into the counties the county will have to provide more services like schools and police.”

New Mexico kid cages

Kid cages in New Mexico.

That made no sense. If people move into the counties, PEOPLE PAY TAXES and the tax base will improve. I asked Mr Bear, Panther and Alligator to pay their fair share of taxes but got NO answer. Let’s see how this program works in New Mexico at a wolf sanctuary.

Steve Foley from the California Report writes, “In parts of New Mexico children have no choice but to wait for their school bus inside of cages. These ‘kid cages’ are the result of government agencies abuse of the Endangered Species Act. The United States Fish & Wildlife Service has placed wolves in populated areas where they have become an economic burden for small business owners, infringed upon private property rights, burdened taxpayers with management costs, and placed fear in the hearts of those who have to deal with them on a daily basis.”

VIDEO: Wolves in Government Clothing

Ummm, people in cages while animals run free! Sounds like fun.

We are lucky in Florida. We get to see the results of some of these government policies and decide if we like the results before we amend the Florida constitution with yet another program that sounds great on paper but does not work in reality.

Does Florida need another slush fund scheme without oversight giving more money to groups dedicated to stealing your land? Florida is in the top 10 for political corruption. All groups supporting this amendment have ties to the United Nations. The UN believes that land should be held by the government not in the hands of ordinary people.

There is only one goal of the groups supporting this Amendment: ELIMINATE PRIVATE PROPERTY.

To learn more about Amendment 1 click on this link. 

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