Charlie Crist supporters call the Cops on this Veteran — Seriously? LOL

I hope everyone is well and getting excited about the election in just a few more weeks. Today was an epic day. I got some serious intelligence that Charlie Crist was speaking at the Democratic Women’s Club of Bay County headquarters located at 135 Harrison Avenue in Panama City. This meant local news reporters would be there and my sources told me to get ready for TV interviews.


C&G Sporting Goods located at 137 Harrison Ave.

So I make it to the Democratic Women’s Club of Bay County Command Post and our team gathered at the gun shop next door. Imagine that, the Democrats open up a headquarters right next to C&G Sporting Goods, a gun shop. Such awesomeness that I almost soiled my pants.

So Charlie Crist is next door spouting his Obamaesque ideology to this crowd of Democrat women and then the TV crews line up outside. Okay time to get on live with the TV boys and girls.

So here I am throwing Charlie Crist under the bus very loudly. The NBC news team and the Democrats all gathered around excited thinking I was going to praise this guy. ERR Big mistake. One guy walked by me and sneered giving me this **** you look, so I asked him if he read his Daily Pravda this morning. He sneered again so I told him to look down I think he dropped his Karl Marx Manifesto. Oh that really angered him. Of course all this was perfectly legal under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Charlie Crist does not support or care about Florida’s veterans, he just wants your vote. He even used Obama’s Veterans Administration scandal to try and raise money for his campaign. So I threw Crist under the bus right in the faces of the gathered Democrats and gave Rick Scott a huge plug. Rick Scott served honorably at sea in a deployable status in the United States Navy.

Needless to say the anti-First Amendment Democrats got all upset and called the cops on me. Oh, the poor babies can’t handle the truth and the First Amendment. It really drives them crazy.

So I wrapped up the NBC interview and up next was ABC News. Oh yes, I was again on point, the microphone attached to my shirt and my lips were bashing Charlie Crist again right in the faces of these Democrats. They where going nuts. Here I am bashing their messiah on NBC news and ABC in their own back yard. I am sure they were saying dang we must stop this guy.

So the cops show up in squad cars out front like Starsky and Hutch and I was thinking they were here to protect Charlie Crist as he got ready to leave. But no, they were there for me. Somebody thought I was a trouble maker and I was going to disrupt Charlie Crist’s shindig, so they filed a false police report on little ole me.

The cops amble over (Here I am thinking at first my 1997 Mercury Cougar was illegally parked). No it was a tax payer funded Democrat initiated hit squad looking for me. The cops asked if I was going to cause trouble and disrupt Charlie Crist’s event. So I put my hand on the cop’s shoulder and said, “Do you believe in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution”? He said. “Yes.” I asked are you going to detain me ? He said, “No.” I said good, so shake my hand and have a nice day. And he did. The event was over.

political-correctness-voltaireThe Democrats tried to intimidate me (they failed) and I had a blast on the TV throwing Charlie Crist under the proverbial bus.

So you see the Democrat Party are a cowardly bunch. They can’t win on facts and via legislation so they intimidate and try to harass and manipulate the system using our brave law enforcement officers as fodder for their cause.

My final word to the Democratic Women’s Club of Bay County is this — Veterans took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution – get over it.

Have an awesome wonderful splendid day to the real Americans reading this. As for the Democrats in Panama City, I guess next month you will all be looking for new jobs for your team. I hear the weather in Cuba is nice. Perhaps North Korea for you folks who prefer the snow.

If you wish to send your comments to the Democratic Women’s Club of Bay County you may contact the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) Officers of Bay County:

This message approved by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution of the United States.  Not yet recognized by the Democrat Party.

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