Republicans Will Hate This Guy More Than Wasserman Schultz [Video]

Most, if not all Conservatives and Republicans love to hate Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) not just because of her non-apologetic, in-your-face style of punditry, but because she is the biggest cheerleader of President Obama’s dangerous political agenda.

The sheer mention of Wasserman Schultz’s name makes almost every Republican cringe, but could there be someone (besides Nancy Pelosi) else in the Democrat Part that could out-do the congresswoman from South Florida?

The answer to than question is a big fat ‘Yes’.

The Democrat National Committee Vice Chair-Wasserman Schultz’s back-up- and chair of the New Hampshire Democrat Party, Ray Buckley, has all the makings of the next most hated person to Republicans.

A video of Ray Buckley saying “Hitler should have bombed The Hague,” as well as him unzipping his pants in front of associates, has now made it to YouTube.

While you all may think Wasserman Schultz is bad, she has nothing on Buckley.

Watch and laugh. (H/T The Gateway Pundit) WARNING OBSCENE LANGUAGE!:

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