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Graphic Video: Planned Parenthood Techs Picking Through Aborted Fetuses

A third, and more graphic undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress shows technicians tweezing through aborted fetal tissue for baby parts to sell. I would like to see how Planned Parenthood and the likes of Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) and Nancy Pelosi (D) try to spin this video off as just […]

Obama’s Daughter Promotes Anti-Cop “Nigga” Spewing Rap Group

Great catch by my amigo Jim on his Gateway Pundit website. Jim posted this story with a picture of Michelle Obama’s “mini-me” Malia, promoting a rap groups tour, whose frontman was arrested for assaulting a security guard. Here is what Jim wrote: Today she’s wearing a T-shirt [right] supporting an anti-cop gangster rap group. Tomorrow she’ll be […]

Charlie Crist Receives $40K From Strip Clubs

Remember that classic Motley Crue song “Girls! Girls! Girls!?” Well, that song, which is arguably the official national anthem for all strip clubs around the U.S. and probably the world, could now become the theme song for Democrat Charlie Crist’s current gubernatorial campaign. The one-time Republican and Independent is running against Florida’s Republican Governor Rick […]

Republicans Will Hate This Guy More Than Wasserman Schultz [Video]

Most, if not all Conservatives and Republicans love to hate Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) not just because of her non-apologetic, in-your-face style of punditry, but because she is the biggest cheerleader of President Obama’s dangerous political agenda. The sheer mention of Wasserman Schultz’s name makes almost every Republican cringe, but could there be someone […]

Charlie Crist Concedes Election Finance Violations, Forced To Refund Donations

During the first of three gubernatorial debates between Florida Governor Rick Scott and Democrat gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist, viewers were treated to a sort of political ‘Lucha Libre’ where both heavyweight contenders took their turn landing political jabs and body blows at one another. One of the jabs Crist threw at Scott was that of […]

Florida: Black GOP Congressional Candidate Endures Racist Attack

Florida Republican congressional candidate Glo Smith has been the target of a racist attack in Jacksonville, Florida, as one of her yard signs–which features a picture of her– was vandalized by someone who “whitewashed” her face. Of course the left-leaning mainstream media has paid little mind to this attack, probably because she is a Republican, […]

Tea Party Surges In Texas, Grassroots Focus Could Target Congressional Race In Florida

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) could be looked upon as the new political “kingmaker” as more and more of tea party and Ted Cruz supported candidates, like Nebraska’s Ben Sasse are winning their respective primary elections over incumbent and establishment Republican rivals. Tuesday’s primary election in Texas saw several more Cruz-backed candidates win the GOP […]

Charlie Crist talks Climate Change, Racism and Democrat Debate Dodging

After allowing protesters to take him and his campaign staff off message during the grand opening of his Miami office, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist quickly bounced back into form and addressed reporters shortly after the Saturday morning protest concluded. Crist answered questions ranging from his new position on the U.S. embargo to Cuba, Racism, […]

Michelle Malkin Rips Into Jeb Bush And “Fed-Ed” Common Core Standards

Conservative blogger, FOX News contributor, and my fellow “brownie” amiga,  Michelle Malkin was recently in Florida doing what she does best, railing against progressives and squishy establishment Republicans. Malkin was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Hernando County Lincoln Day dinner this past weekend, and did not pull punches with her disgust with the likes […]

DC Republicans Converge on Florida To Conspire Against Conservatives

The Republican leadership in Congress will be holding a fundraising retreat the weekend of April 11 to benefit the George Soros supported Republican Mainstreet Partnership PAC. There you have it. The Republican establishment in Washington, D.C., is in bed with George Soros and his many Socialist interests. As the left-wing Talking Points Memo reported a […]

Charlie Crist Says Obamacare Is “Great” For Floridians

Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist, has given a full throated endorsement of the failed Obamacare law. While appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning TV Show, Crist said that the law was “Great” for Floridians, even after it has been reported that 300,000 Floridians have already lost their insurance plans, as a result of this […]