The LGBT Human Rights Campaign Smears Bi-sexual Pro-Marriage College Professor

Jack Rigby, a psychologist living in Australia, who in his early practice worked with many homosexuals was asked: What is the social redeeming value of homosexuality, exactly? Jack responded:

Utterly none. Individual homosexuals can be constructively integrated to the rest of the population by simply conforming to normal social mores and exercising discretion.

The interesting observation I made over many decades of association with sexually aberrant people, was that these people almost instinctively recognize others of the same state without any obvious physical indications.

However, in recent decades in the fractured Society in the West, there has been a very strange situation develop in which small numbers of Homosexuals have formed politically obnoxious very public and virulently demanding groups.

One of these “politically obnoxious, very public and virulently demanding groups” is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).


The cover of Human Rights Campaign’s ‘The Export of Hate.’

This became self-evident when HRC sent out an email in a campaign called “The Export of Hate.” Their target and main “exporter of hate” in the email was bi-sexual Robert “Bobby” Oscar Lopez, an English professor at California State University-Northridge. Professor Lopez incurred HRC’s wrath because of his outspoken view that children do better when raised by a mother and father than they do when raised by parents of the same sex.

Kelsey Harkness, News Producer for The Daily Signal, reports, “Having a baby is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life. But for Bobby Lopez, an unusual figure in the marriage debate, it was a day overshadowed by fear. His wife was in labor with their second child when Lopez received hateful phone calls and emails from LGBT rights activists. Why?”

Lopez, 43, was raised in a household by two mothers. He drew public attention in 2012 after penning an account of that experience in an article for Public Discourse titled “Growing Up With Two Moms: The Untold Children’s View.” Overall, “children of same-sex couples have a tough road ahead of them,” Lopez argued, writing:

When your home life is so drastically different from everyone around you, in a fundamental way striking at basic physical relations, you grow up weird. I have no mental health disorders or biological conditions. I just grew up in a house so unusual that I was destined to exist as a social outcast.

Ever since Lopez went public with his story, left-leaning gay rights groups such as HRC and GLAAD, an organization that calls itself “the voice for LGBT equality,” have targeted Lopez as an “extremist.”


Bobby Lopez is caricatured as an international criminal in the LGBT Human Rights Campaign group’s attack. For a larger view click on the image.

They have provoked those on their mailing lists to write and call his family and university, attempted to blacklist him with the media and academia, and put in public records requests to acquire his contact information.

“It was an onslaught from that point forward,” Lopez recalls in an interview with The Daily Signal.

Already effectively shunned by many student groups, other organizations and media outlets in the U.S., Lopez still speaks regularly wherever he can, including foreign venues, about three core beliefs:

  • All children have the right to be born free, not bought or sold.
  • All children have the right to a mom and a dad.
  • All children have the right to connect with their origins.

Having grown up in a same-sex household, Lopez says he is particularly qualified to speak on these subjects.

“This debate is ultimately about me and people like me,” he says. “If anyone has a right to weigh in on this with full academic freedom and freedom of speech, it’s me.”

And being bisexual, Lopez considers himself a member of the LGBT community.

Dr. Rigby wrote, “I actually have a great deal of concern for the number of the normally integrated ones who will be innocently caught up in the eventual reaction of Society to these strident, insane  anti-social demands of the entirely unstable violent few, whose intolerable antics and demands have already surpassed any reasonable level of public tolerance.”

Bobby Lopez is a normally integrated bi-sexual. That is why he and his family are being targeted. Integration cannot be tolerated.