A Document more powerful than the U.S. Constitution

doments illustrative of the formation of the USA book coverYes, that’s correct. In my quest to find definitive answers to that nagging feeling I have had for some time that our country is not being managed according to the law of the land, I have found that answer and it has been with us for 89 years. So before you think I’m out of my mind and that there is no document more powerful than The Constitution I suggest you search “69th Congress, 1st Session, House Document 398.” You will find something called “Documents Illustrative Of The Formation Of The Union Of The American States.”

On May 10th, 1926, a resolution was passed to compile the necessary documents for a complete study of the development of the Federal Constitution because the documents have been scattered so widely, many of them inaccessible to the ordinary reader, that it would be a real service to collect all relevant materials and publish them in one volume. That’s why this document is more powerful than the U.S. Constitution on its own, because it includes the Constitution and all relevant documents leading up to it.

I am now fortunate enough to own one of the original printed in 1927 and it is a wonderful piece of history to hold in my hands, but the entire document is available on line. It is 1072 pages not counting the index so it takes a while to read. Instead of depending on the opinion of someone’s opinion of someone’s opinion of what the founders and framers were trying to convey, this lets you go directly to the original documents and see exactly what they intended. The hard copy version even includes a document in James Madison’s own hand writing!

The biggest revelation comes when you realize we have been lied to or misled, either intentionally or unintentionally, that the Articles of Confederation were completely scrapped and replaced by the Constitution.

I have found absolutely no evidence of that in this document. On the contrary, I have found nine references that the Constitution is AN AMENDMENT to the Articles of Confederation and the Union formed under the Articles is a perpetual union and only if there is a conflict between the Articles of Confederation and The Constitution does The Constitution prevail.

This is extremely significant for a number of reasons:

  1. The Union is a Union of the States and only the States. The people are not members of the Union and have never been declared as members of the Union, therefore, The Union has no authority over The People.
  2. The People are defined as “Free Inhabitants” of the States. They are not governed by The Union.
  3. The taxes for funding The Union rest solely on the Legislatures of the States. There is no authority to tax The People as they are not members of The Union.

Here is the bottom line, because the States have the sole responsibility to fund the administration of The Union they also have the authority to deny funding anything that falls outside the scope of what the administration of The Union has been instructed to do. The sixteenth amendment is nothing but smoke and mirrors to make the people believe The Union has the authority to tax them but it’s not rocket science to understand that taxing authority cannot extend beyond members of The Union to Non Members. Even the Supreme Court recognized that in The Harris case in 2014.

The States have let this happen because it takes a burden off of them and the administration of The Union intern gives a portion of the money they unlawfully collect back to the States for their cooperation, like the Gambino family and John Gotti paying off dirty cops but it is happening right in front of us.

So, who is going to fix this? I for one am prepared to fight for this in a court of law with a jury deciding the outcome. Anyone in the Federal Government willing to take up that challenge? In closing, I will say that I am not infallible and 1072 pages is a lot of reading, especially for a guy like me that usually waits for the movie, but if anyone can find anything contrary to what I have stated in those 1072 pages, please let me know exactly where and I will stand corrected.

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