New Cold Climate to Devastate Global Agriculture within Ten Years

EDITORS NOTE: This column is republished as the predictions made in 2015 are coming true today.

The Orlando, FL headquartered Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) announced today that the predicted new cold climate will soon begin to end the historic era of growth in U.S. and global agricultural output that began after the end of World War II.

Specifically, as a result of recent events on the Sun and changes in the Earth’s climate, the SSRC again warns that record crop yields and volume in the U.S. and Canadian corn, wheat, and soybean belts are about to end. The SSRC expects the first substantial damage could be observed at any time but certainly within the next ten years.

This new announcement is based on a well researched set of new climate trends of oceanic and atmospheric temperatures, and solar activity. The SSRC believes as long as the Sun continues its solar hibernation (a once every 206 year cold climate event) that we are on the precipice of a long term drop in global temperatures.

It is entirely possible that the decades-long period of record global agricultural output that our world has enjoyed will soon be over, perhaps for many decades.

This ominous prediction is accentuated by the fact that governments worldwide and their agricultural corporations, systems, and farmers, are preparing for more global warming and doing nothing to adapt to the ongoing transition to a new potentially dangerous cold climate.

According to SSRC President Mr. John L. Casey:

“The era of bumper crops that the U.S. and Canadian breadbasket has been delivering for decades, is about to come to an end. The production levels seen in recent years are unsustainable in view of the dramatic decline in temperatures we are expected to see. Unfortunately, the world’s agricultural industry and our fellow citizens are totally unprepared for the new cold climate.”

Click Here to Download a PDF File of the Rationale for the SSRC Press Release 2-2015