Lies, Damn Lies, and Tax Cut Statistics

It’s a frustrating exercise constantly correcting liberals and far-left media types about tax rate cuts. One would think that, in a field where an exhaustive search for the facts should be the rule, not the exception, media figures would be interested in what the data on tax rate cuts says. Sadly, many are not only unconcerned with what the data says, but have created an entirely new line of reasoning based on nonexistent data.

The media, as evidenced by its pitiful performance in the last GOP presidential debate, is either ignorant of the tax rate cut data or is willfully misleading Americans, insisting that cutting taxes has caused exploding government deficits due to decreases in tax revenue. This is grossly inaccurate and it’s disappointing that the people who propagate these lies do so with little concern for the economic future and health of the country.

In response I’m going to issue this challenge to any media figure, liberal, politician, or anyone else interested. I’m going to post some FACTS-yes, facts-about the J.F.K, Reagan, and G.W. Bush tax cuts, and I’m challenging you to disprove the below data and show us what you’ve got.

Here is one caveat. By posting these tax-rate cut figures I am not making any statements about the causes of the tax revenue increases after tax rate cuts. As many of you remember from your high school and college statistics courses, there is a world of difference between correlation and causation. Causation states that “A” led to “B.” While correlation implies that A and B are related but that a third variable may have been involved.

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