The Dems Should Practice What They Preach

A few weeks ago I was speaking with some neighbors at a community HOA meeting and a gentleman named Jim approached me with some suggestions. Jim was visibly frustrated at the direction of the country under the policies of President Barack Obama and suggested the Democrats should practice what they preach. When I asked him what he meant, he mentioned a series of proposals the Democrats should consider for their national convention. At first, I laughed with Jim, not at him, but then I thought to myself, “Jim is right.”

If the Democrats really believe in the things Jim mentioned, there is no good reason for them to not take a leadership role and implement the following 4 suggestions at their convention:

  1. The Democratic National Convention should be declared a “gun-free” zone. The Democrats have largely coalesced behind a gun-control legislative strategy that makes public safety contingent on a criminal’s adherence to the rule of law. The gun-control wing of the Democratic Party is trying to convince law-abiding Americans that our current set of firearm laws, which criminals ignore, can be supplanted by a new set of firearm laws, which the criminals will surely obey. The Democrats should experiment with this theory at their convention. After all, if criminals are willing to change their behavior through a new government edict then they will surely change their behavior if the very same politicians and bureaucrats get together and declare the convention to be “gun-free.” Although the United States Secret Service, my former employer, is charged with securing the event, they can save the time, and expense, by forgoing magnetometers and leaving their weapons in the office because the “gun-free” status of the event will deter any criminal or terrorist from entering the event with a firearm.                                                                                  
  2. The Democratic National Convention should waive any photo identification requirements for entry to the event. The Democratic Party’s fight against voter ID laws is premised on the idea that voter fraud is a non-existent problem and that being asked to provide an identification at the polls is an unnecessary obstacle. If Democrats believe providing an identification when deciding the future of our country is too high of a hill to climb, then asking for identification at a glorified political rally such as the Democratic convention is completely unnecessary. As a member of the Secret Service assigned to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, I received a very expensive and sophisticated credential used to access the event. Looking back on this, I now see what a waste of taxpayer money these credentials were. We should have just followed the lead of the Democratic Party and declared the event an “identification-free” zone.

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