Argentina starts flushing the Communists

In Buenos Aries, Argentina today the new capitalist freedom loving government is beginning the process of flushing the Marxists out to sea. They are opening the gates to the newly installed rotor rooter septic tank Communist removal system out to the Pacific Ocean.

Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina.

Meet the new Capitalist freedom loving President of Argentina.  Senor Mauricio Macri. He is the guy in the suit.

Mr. Donald Trump is really excited  that the new capitalist team in Argentina is singing off the same sheet of music as he is.  Time to clean up the mess in South America.  Brazil is next.   They will enjoy working together in 2017.

Today the land fill clean up begins in Argentina.  Next year in the USA.

Argentina’s new government has  just fired the country’s chief media regulator.

They told him him his services as the “Marxist propaganda machine”, a.k.a. head of the AFSCA television and radio watchdog commission, were terminated.

Comrade Martin Sabbatella was openly working against Argentina’s new  center-right freedom loving capitalist President Mauricio Macri.

So he was ceremoniously  thrown out the back door of his former office in his PJ’s clutching a copy of the Karl Marx manifesto given to him perhaps by BHO and his Winnie the Poo bear?

The President of Argentina also shredded the Socialist central bank chief’s employment record by forcing him out of a job. Comrade Alejandro Vanoli was forced to resign.  Adios buddy maybe President Obama has a job someplace at the U.S. Federal Reserve for you?

President  Macri’s  is firing these miscreants and replacing them with a team willing to implement his free-market policies.

Obama’s puppet hand maiden the former Communist leader of Argentina  is fired.  She is terminated.  All together boys and girls…..  say…. ADIOS COMRADES.

A new era of freedom and free market capitalism is about to turn Argentina into a happy, free and prosperous country.

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