Does the United Teachers of Dade have a Coke problem?

miami dade logoI have repeatedly written about issues in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The stories surround how the district protected those who helped students cheat and punished those who have reported the test cheating, namely Mr. Trevor Colestock.

This column will focus on members of the United Teachers of Dade (UTD) union. Specifically Antonio “Snow” White and Alton “Cokey” Roberts. Both are candidates running to be leaders in the UTD.

Let’s look at the official Florida records of White and Roberts.

According to official records Antonio “Snow” White was arrested on February 15, 2000 (see Page 7 of Florida Education Practices Commission Final Order) for buying cocaine and charged with possession of crack cocaine. Adjudication was withheld a month later. He was represented by a UTD attorney, who was Leslie Meek, wife of then State Senator Kendrick Meek who was the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2010 (see Page 4 of the Final Order).

Mr. White is currently a candidate for UTD First Vice President with the incumbent Caucus, the Frontline caucus, who according to some is slated to win. Ms. Christine Kirchner is also running in that caucus as a delegate.

QUESTION: Is this a person teachers want representing them as the Vice President of their union? What signal does this send to parents and students?

alton roberts

Alton J. Roberts

Alton “Cokey” Roberts, who is the brother of Cleve Roberts, is a Physical Education teacher and coach at Miami Norland Senior High School. Roberts signed a petition against Mr. Colestock, the man who reported the cheating at Miami Norland SHS.

What is interesting is Alton J. Roberts was arrested three times for possessing and/or purchasing cocaine according to the Florida Department of Education. All three arrests resulted in drug court deferment and adjudication was withheld. Alton Roberts is currently running as a delegate in his brother’s caucus, Empower U.

Alton Roberts was first sanctioned by the FLDOE on September 21, 1992, for possessing and concealing cocaine (pages 4, 7-8 of FL DOE Final Order) to which he plead no contest stemming from a traffic stop on July 21, 1990. He was sanctioned a second time by the FLDOE on January 14, 2016, for failing to report two arrests for purchasing and possessing cocaine, according to page 10 of the FL DOE Final Order. According to the Final Order dated January 28, 2016, he was arrested on June 24, 2005, and March 1, 2011, for purchasing and possession of cocaine.

QUESTION:  Is this the proper person to represent Miami-Dade teachers as a delegate at the Florida Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, and National Education Association conventions? What signal does this send to parents, students and teachers in the Sunshine State?

Mr Alton Roberts and Mrs. Brenda Muchnick, who was found to have helped students cheat, still work at Miami Norland Senior High School.

Mr. Trevor Colestock, who did the right thing in reporting the text cheating, has been bullied, labeled as a pariah and relegated to another position against his will and wishes.

These cases are classic examples of if you screw up, or sniff coke, you move up.

FINAL QUESTION: Does the UTD have a coke problem?

Now no cheating!

We report, you decide.

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