Killing America via Planned Ignorance

George Washington, known as the father of our country was born February 11, 1731 according to the then used Julian calendar.  In 1752 however, Britain and her colonies adopted the Georgian calendar which moved Washington’s birthday a year and eleven days to February 22, 1732.  Americans celebrated Washington’s Birthday, long before congress declared it a federal holiday.

The centennial of his birth prompted festivities nationally and congress established a joint committee to arrange for the occasion.  At the recommendation of the committee, chaired by Henry Clay of the senate and Philemon Thomas of the House, Congress adjourned on February 22, 1832 out of respect for Washington’s legacy and memory and in commemoration of his birth by reading aloud his Farewell address.

In a special joint session held in the House Chamber, the House and the Senate, along with several cabinet officials, justices of the Supreme Court and high ranking officers in the Army and Navy gathered to listen to the Secretary of State read the address aloud.  Eventually, the reading of George Washington’s Farewell Address became an annual evet for the Senate, a tradition that is still observed to this day.

Washington’s Birthday, however, did not become a legal holiday until January 31, 1879 when Congress added February 22nd to the list of holidays to be observed by federal employees in the District of Columbia.  One of the main purposes of singling out the birthday of George Washington to be a holiday was to keep the memory of his important role in the establishment of this republic fresh in the minds of succeeding generations of Americans.

Likewise, the Birthday of the great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln was at one time recognized and celebrated in many circles.  Currently, the Lincoln holiday is celebrated unofficially nationwide as part of what many states now dub Presidents Day during mid-February.  Only a handful of states celebrate the Lincoln Birthday which is on February 12th.  There is an official ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.   There is also a wreath ceremony at Lincoln’s Birthplace in Kentucky.  There were efforts right after Lincoln’s death to get his birthday secured as a national holiday in his honor, but none succeeded.

Now, more states celebrate Black Friday than Lincoln’s or Washington’s birthday.  In fact, 18 states have days off for state employees for Black Friday.  Another ten states give their employees the day off for Good Friday, and five states recognize December 26 as a holiday.

The historic accomplishments of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are very significant.  As both a general and later our republic’s first president, George Washington credited Providential guidance for his accomplishments on the battlefield as well as in the government “of by and for the people.”  Lincoln’s decisions to ultimately free the slaves as well as preserve the union were both influenced by his faith.  Regarding the rights of negroes, Lincoln was also influenced by popular orator, publisher, and businessman Frederick Douglas.  His great life story, like Lincoln’s and Washington’s is both shunned and not taught to young Americans in the typical American government school classroom.

Unfortunately, the decades long evil practice of denying American school students important historic information about many of our most important historic figures is actually making it more difficult to maintain our exceptional nation.  Because of the deep understanding of unalienable rights and liberty, Washington, Lincoln, and Douglas all contributed in their time to America’s bedrock of personal freedom.  It is shameful tradition that government school students have for decades not been properly instructed on, or even taught to appreciate the United States of America.  If the truth concerning our national heroes like Washington, Lincoln and Douglas continue to be shielded from the inquisitive minds of students, disastrous outcomes will result.

No nation can remain strong and prosperous if multiple generations of the population are systematically indoctrinated against it and not instructed on the good merits of it’s founding and great historical figures, it’s great heritage or achievements.   Currently, our republic is suffering through an ongoing constitutional and moral crisis.  The bloated federal government no longer operates according to constitutional mandates.

The main reason for that is that for approximately five or six decades, the majority of American students have not been instructed on the rudiments and benefits of a constitutional republic, free market economics, America’s Christian heritage etc.  So now, generations of Americans are political, intellectual and spiritual zombies who support open borders and illegal immigration into America.  In many instances, Americans don’t even know who George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Frederick Douglas is, let alone understand or even care about their unalienable rights which come from God.  Shamefully, many are even proud of their lack of knowledge of unalienable rights and what made a nation like the United States the onetime envy of the world.

I however am of the belief, that despite the current state of affairs regarding our land of the free and home of the brave she has an upcoming renewal of her destiny of greatness.  Because of a growing groundswell of real change for the better, she will not remain in her current state of decline.  The dastardly plots and plans of the progressives will utterly fail in the mission to destroy our beloved republic.  The truth will prevail and replace the wicked indoctrination and utter lies of recent years.  In fact, America will once again be a nation under God that is both blessed and highly favored.

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