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  1. W. Lindsay Wheeler
    W. Lindsay Wheeler says:

    Yes, this is the end of the Republican Party. I didn’t vote in the last general election and I wasn’t going to vote in this election until Trump entered the race. Now, I see the Rockefeller Republican Globalist Establishment destroying Trump, attacking him like they did Barry Goldwater, and the delegate stealing and manipulation of delegates. It’s all a farce. It has brought home to me the total reprobateness of the Republican Party establishment. They are committing Treason ontop of being cowards. If there is no Trump—I’m not voting and to hell with the Republican Party. America is dead; why keep a totering hollowed out sick country on life-support. Burn it all down because it has obviously failed. All I can say, at least the Democrats are true to themselves. They don’t pretend.

  2. Diane L Bargar
    Diane L Bargar says:


  3. bill turner
    bill turner says:

    13/4/16. Since its invention in the 7th century, anyone today, using the words “peace / armistice” etc. knows nothing about maniacal, mercy-less muz-lam. This genocidal crime-against-humanity (still a simple plan for simpletons.1.infiltrate 2. subvert. 3. kill.) and its fantasy-Santa , (Mass-Murder-Motivator /Planet-Replacer) “MAHDI”, concocted to help motivate the massacre of local (Semite) neighbors, plus steal all land / products / assets in the (then) known, world)..This en-slaving / death-squad mercenary-mafia, (camouflaged now as a religion) has never been civilized, (or sane) wanted or needed, or productive, or beneficial to anyone (including mentally-enslaved mo-slums) anywhere, or at any time. It is now insanely rich and insanely insane, (and totally out of time and totally out of hand.) known today as the ASPIS (the Egyptian/Arabian-Cobra/Asp).. Because the letters spell out “Apartheid, Supremacist, Parasitic, Insane-Shitheads”……and is also known as FSSPSS…. Foot-Shootingly-Sand-Pit Stupid, Savages, ……and is also as MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW (Medieval (very-evil), Malignant, Muzzee-Mafia, Mahdi-Motivated-Mercenaries, Merciless Mosque-Mutant, Mulla-Money Mad, Masquerading, Migrating- Maniacal, Maggots, Misogynist, Mate-Masturbating, Mass-Murderering, Media-Manipulating, Martyrs-in-Waiting, Mentally-Moronic Mongrels ,. ……………………. ..After having originally plagiarized (stolen) from other “religions/cults”, (a lot of “people-control” ideas, including a “moon” god/dog), muz-slam has now lifted physical and psychological warfare / deception / torture / stupidity / cruelty, to unprecedented new levels. It exists today, as now the richest band of deluded murder-glorification, ( happily stab you in the street) sewer-slidal thieves. Ever……………… It is (and has, always been) criminal, devious, deluded (and foot-shootingly destructive),,,,,,,,,,,,, with the insane, criminal, street-gang-mentality intention, of existing only, to cripple and kill, anything that looks likely to prolong, a civilized, or on-going future (for any non-moslum anywhere), ……………….. muz-lam (still today), demands infidel-genocide, (as a prerequisite to their motivational-invention, “mahdi”, to “arrive” with a new “rape-heven / pedo-paradise” replacement planet, loaded with free sex-slaves. This is why they chant praise the prophet, not the planet. This expected fantasy-planet, (with no jails or ugly goats), is what their un-elected, un-electable, circle-jerking Imams, still (legally) promise them today. Plus their benchmark-model, (for all activity), is a notorious pedophile-gangster (who is still giving (all) bearded-creeps a bad name). ……… …………… …………….. And so, who of you will continue to tolerate, their media-endorsed “Victim-card” waving ? The muzi, on the boat, go, WAVE wave WAVE, wave WAVE wave, WAVE wave WAVE, the Invaders on the boat go, Wave wave Wave, slash-SHOOT-stab & KICK.) …………Its not personal, they are “mosque-programmed” to think of any non-moslum, as edible-protein . Did you know ? under the muz-lumic DIARRHEA-“LAW”, (their west African slaving codes) any muzi, can kill any non-moslum (including you) legally ? Everything Hitler and Hussani combined to do in WW2, was legal (unethical, inhuman and disgusting, but sharia “legal”). NOTE. muz-slum was founded on mass property theft, mass male murder, and mass female sex slavery and mass petty-savagery and mass-cruelty, generally. But today, the now muzi-controlled UN/UM (Uncultured Muzi) says, No, that’s not a war-crime (or crime against humanity, but anyone doing anything to stop it /expose it, is……………………….. .MMMMMMMM … …….. To a muz-slumic-zombie, the words peace /armistice / cease-fire etc…….. mean nothing (except a convenient-opportunity to rearm (usually with (food/water-controlled) human-shields) and install SAMs in minarets, and stock-pile armaments and assassins/rapists-in-waiting (in Police “no go” zones all over the civilized world ). Like Sweden now, has 55 NGZs and is now also, the gang-rape, capitol of Europe (but the media doesn’t know why, also they don’t know why smokers can end-up with black-lung, or why Rolf Harris didn’t just say, he was a moslum (and got “case-dismissed”) Or why Bull Shitten ethics, are as fake as a “Syrian” passport ???????. But I digress……..P.S. the “I” in islum is for Immature / Illiterate /Ignorant /Insane /Irresponsible /Idiot /In-bred /Ingrates /In-sheep……….

  4. Bill
    Bill says:

    I changed my affiliation from independent to republican this year simply to vote in the primary. I did vote and I feel like going back to independent again. I am sick and tired of lifelong career politicians in the good ol’ boy crowd doing business as usual and working to perpetuate their own reelection. I want someone new, not from the political class who will be pragmatic about what he’s going to accomplish. I really don’t care of the details of how, I just care that it gets done. If there’s any hanky panky- good bye republicans, even if it means third party. I used to say that I was for the “last man standing”. I’m not sure about that anymore.


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