Canada: Parliamentary Petition to keep Iran listed as a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Shirley Anne from the Canadian Coalition Against Terror (C-CAT) has created a parliamentary petition to keep Iran listed as a State Supporter of Terrorism.

In an email to Canadians Anne notes:

Many Canadians have lost family and friends to Iranian-sponsored terrorism. Please click here to sign the petition.

NOTE: When typing your phone #, NO spaces!

Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident, regardless of age, can sign. After signing you will get an email from parliament requesting that you confirm your support for the petition.

Please don’t forget this crucial 2nd step – go back to your inbox and wait for the email to confirm your support.

/s/ Shirley Anne

P.S. I also think it would make a big impression if everyone wrote directly to their MP on this topic as well…let me know if you do!

ccat petition to keep iran on terror list


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