VIDEO: What do the past behaviors of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tell us?

This is an interesting analysis of Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton using documented statements. It is not, as the WeAreChange narrator notes, a true psychological analysis by an expert. Rather it reveals each candidates’ character based upon their past actions.

Many agree that Hillary is a psychopath. The evidence presented in this video is compelling.

Many can understand Donald Trump wanting to become his own man. given his life living under the shadow of his father Fred, which the narrator suggests still hangs over him.

According to the video one candidate, Hillary, has no social conscience. The other, Donald, craves the spotlight. One strives to be ever more successful the other covers up her failures.

From this analysis it makes sense that Trump picked the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again!” It is a reflection of his lifelong effort to be the best he can be in whatever he has done. Now, he has an opportunity to do something greater than himself. To help America. Being elected President gives him an opportunity to not only do something his father never attempted but to be greater by giving back something his father never can.

Watch this interesting analysis of Hillary and Trump. Then you decide who is best qualified to be President of the United States.

WeAreChange notes:

In this video Luke Rudkowski [who is not a psychologist] gives his psychological analysis of the two leading presidential front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We go over past and current behaviors of the two and its deeper meanings to who the candidates actually are as human beings.


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