Remembering the Patriotic Life of a TEA Party Leader

The South Florida political arena has a huge void with the recent passing of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale (TPFL) co-founder, Danita Kilkullen. TPFL, the longest running Tea Party in the U.S., made world news in 2009, having been featured in the European Times Magazine, after its formation.

Long before illegal immigration became a topic of conversation, Danita attended rallies and protests with FLIMEN, Floridians for immigration enforcement, educating the public of the ramifications of open borders and the loss of American jobs.

Many political careers were launched with the backing of her organization, TPFL, including Allen West, and Marco Rubio, who understood the importance and loyalty of her followers and that an endorsement by them could be a ticket to Washington. However, if the endorsed politician reneged on his promises of conservatism, constitutional principles and limited government, she and her followers had no mercy and would work tirelessly to remove him from office. Marco Rubio was one such example and Florida Tea Parties should receive the credit due for ending his future in politics. After Rubio’s betrayal on amnesty, Danita insisted that every candidate should be thoroughly vetted and that local politics was the epicenter of concern, for local politicians inevitably end up in Washington.

Veteran’s affairs have always been an item of importance for Danita, whose son served honorably in the military. Concerned Veterans for America and Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of Seal Team 6 hero, Aaron Vaughn, who lost his life during Extortion 17, in Afghanistan, were frequent spokespersons at her TPFL events.

Danita and TPFL also have worked closely with Tom Trento and The United West, a group that defends the West and Israel from the kinetic and cultural onslaught of Shariah Islam, and have organized a number of rallies, including one defending Israel in the Pro-Hamas Demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale in 2008, which became quite discomforting and violent when Muslims rushed the pro-Israel demonstrators. She also organized a protest against the Islamic Fundraising Dinner for Palestine in conjunction with The United West, which many believe was a fundraising effort for Hamas and clandestine jihad activities. Danita firmly believed in fighting anti-Semitism and the BDS movement against the state of Israel.

When Danita, a devout Christian, learned that a local middle school boy was reprimanded by his teacher for reading his Bible during library time and subsequently denied the privilege of reading it, she organized a protest in front of the school during student pick up time. As a result of this successful protest, the school backed away from their stance. Another demonstration was organized by Danita at FAU, when a professor gave a class assignment to write the name of Jesus on a piece of paper and ‘stomp on it.’ Pastors Dozier and Boykin participated and she recruited a group of approximately 70 people to come with signs denouncing the professor’s outrageous assignment.

Whether it was the School Board or the County Commissioners, Danita led the effort to challenge their edicts. She organized a group, this writer included, to challenge the School Board’s implementation of the Common Core standards, which pandered to Islam, promoted revised math standards, (which even confused adults) and included cultural Marxist influences in literature. The County Commissioners have always been challenged when Danita and TPFL show up to their meetings to question their new edits subliminally promoting Agenda 21 or raising taxes for the home owners and businesses of Broward County.

The light of Danita’s efforts will live on for all of her diverse followers, Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, Christian and Jew, for she truly believed in the truth embraced by liberty, freedom, justice and kindness. She had the tenacity, stamina and fighting effort reminiscent of the heroes that founded and shaped our country, for she loved our country dearly and fought to uphold its constitutional principles to protect future generations from the demise of tyranny.


VIDEO: Pro-Hamas Demonstration

Stomp on Jesus Protest

VIDEO: Hilton Fundraising Dinner for Palestine

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