Communist Party USA Nominates Hillary to be the First Communist President of the USA

cpusa logoThe Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is standing with Hillary. During the DNC/CPUSA convention they collectively nominated Hillary Clinton to become the first Communist President of the USA (CPUSA). CPUSA for CPUSA?

The CPUSA believes, “With Senator Bernie Sanders endorsing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the message was loud and clear. We’re stronger together. That is what it will take to win in November.”

john bachtell cpusa chairman

John Bachtell national chair of the Communist Party USA. Photo: CPUSA website.

John Bachtell, National Chairman of CPUSA, at their National Board meeting on May 6, 2015 noted:

From being on the margins, socialism is part of the discussion, although how much remains to be seen. 52% of Democratic voters have no problem with it.

World Net Daily provided the following excerpts from the editorial produced as part of the DNC Convention coverage by the CPUSA media team credentialed by the Democratic Party:

Do not underestimate Trump and the Republicans. While the establishment GOP was surprised by the successful insurgency of so-called outsider Trump, they are united in purpose: delivering more inequality, more misery, more instability and violence against working-class people of all races, genders, religions and sexual orientations.

They are united with giant corporations and the billionaire class in their drive to lower wages and living conditions and increase their profits and power.

[ … ]

“Back in the day when Stalinists Gus Hall and Angela Davis were regularly nominated by the party as presidential and vice presidential candidates every four years, the U.S. Communists actually had beefs with the Democrats,” he [Joseph Farah, the founder of and a former revolutionary communist himself in his youth] said. “But, in recent years, the party ceased those efforts in favor of a united front with the Democrats, with whom they have very few differences, if any.”

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hillary red pantsuit

Hillary made in China and North Korea.

In honor of the CPUSA endorsement Hillary will now wear red pantsuits made in China and North Korea.

After a coughing spell, causing her to fall off a bar stool at a campaign stop, Mrs. Clinton stated to CNN, “I’m proud to receive the endorsement of the CPUSA. We’re stronger together because someone is always picking me up when I fall. I can’t seem to get it up alone, like my husband Bill. No pun intended.”

However, in a strange turn of events blacks are overwhelmingly supporting Republican David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard running for an open Senate seat in Louisiana. Duke has 14 percent support among black voters in the state, according to a survey by the University of New Orleans’ Survey Research Center. Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows.

It doesn’t get any better than this folks.

With the support of the CPUSA, Hillary looks to turn America dark red on November 8th. Red like the former USSR red.

cpusa flag

Communist Party of the USA flag.

The CPUSA stated, “If Hillary is elected we are asking her to replace the American flag at the White House with the CPUSA flag. America is no longer red, white and blue, just red. Better red than dead.”

There appears to be no daylight between Hillary and the Communist Party USA. They collectively are standing together to Make America Red Again. The CPUSA is with her for the good of the collective.

The Trump campaign released a short statement noting, “Crooked Hillary is now Hillary the Red. Better dead than red. Vote Trump!”

Vladimir Putin on a visit to Syria noted the CPUSA endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Putin said, “Since resetting U.S. – Russian relations under Secretary of State Clinton, Hillary has become my protege who I will work with to paint the entire world red. I love her red pantsuit, she’s red hot, pun intended.”

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EDITORS NOTE: This political satire originally appeared in PRAVDA-USA the official publication of the DNC.

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