Open Letter to Rep. Doug Broxson RE: Your vote to give illegal aliens Florida driver licenses

Dear State Representative Broxson,

Many folks in the local media contacted me in regards to the  thousands of dollars in payments from campaign funds which you gave to Kingfish Strategies an LLC set up in part by State Committee Woman Susan Moore a member of the Escambia county Republican Party leadership in Pensacola.

Instead of remaining neutral she decided to take payments from you to assist your campaign in direct conflict with the Republican Party of Florida ethical standards. The Gulf Breeze media is going to print an editorial about it as per the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Now I am not sure if the Republican Party of Florida or the local Republican Party will investigate this massive conflict of interest by a leader in the Escambia County Republican Party who is or was getting pay offs from your campaign described as consulting fees because the GOP leadership in my option is pretty much as corrupt at the Democrat Party in some regards. But we shall see.

What is amazing though is the flyer your campaign sent out stating that Representatives Mike Hill supports in state tuition for illegal immigrants. It’s a lie but you know this. Politicians like you are slowly but surely being removed by the voters as the American people wake up.

The record does state though that you voted YES to give illegal immigrants access to state government buildings, access to federal buildings and access US airlines with your YES vote to give illegal immigrants a state issued drivers license.

mohammed atta driver license floridaWith this vote that advocates and enables federal immigration law breakers you did  not discriminate against which illegal immigrants you support with a state issued ID. So you are approving in effect a drivers licence to people like Mohammed Atta a terrorist and Saudi citizen and a former resident in Sarasota, Florida who overstayed his visa and flew one of the planes into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

This man  would have been allowed to keep his state issued drivers license as per your vote because he was classified as an illegal immigrant when he overstayed his visa.

So your position from your voting record is to ignore federal immigration laws and enable and reward foreigners who break into our nation via our unsecured borders with a State ID – Drivers License.

This is un-American and would have placed Florida citizens at great risk.  Its is a national security issue and violates U.S. federal immigration law.

Now I don’t care how powerful your name is in this neck of the woods in Florida but when you support this blatant disregard for U.S. immigration law and try to reward those illegals who came here from nations like Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, etc. with a state issued ID you are part of the problem not part of the solution.

Thank goodness Governor Scott vetoed this attack on our sovereignty and national security. 

Your time is up and soon you will be removed from office by we the voters as will others who are working to embrace the Marxist/Progressive policies of Barack Obama and his heir apparent Hillary Clinton.

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