Democrats endorse ‘progressive’ Caroline Zucker for Sarasota County School Board

In an email to members the Sarasota County Democratic Party is endorsing Caroline Zucker for school board. Why is this important? Because Zucker is running as a Republican. This endorsement has both Republicans and Democrats scratching their collective heads.

teresa mast bannerZucker’s opponent in District 2 is Republican Teresa Mast.

Zucker is a career politician who has a long record of failing to put the children of Sarasota County first, believes in kowtowing to the federal Department of Education, has violated school board policy and Florida state statutes, is a collectivist with her only concern getting re-elected to continue business as usual.

Zucker is a “Charlie Crist republican”, who has been endorsed by the Democratic Party and holds the same values as President Obama and Hillary Clinton when it comes to public education.

Zucker has a history of attacking real Republicans like fellow School Board Member Bridget Ziegler. During an October 2014 off line, but public, workshop board member Zucker attacked fellow school board member Ziegler about her campaign contributions. In the room during the workshop was Ken Marsh, Ziegler’s opponent for the District 1 seat. Marsh was subsequently defeated during the November 4th mid-term election. Ziegler stresses (multiple times) that the workshop is an inappropriate venue for conversations about her campaign while they are supposed to be discussing taxpayer issues concerning education.

So Zucker is supporting the Democrat over the Republican in a school board meeting.

Zucker, like Hillary Clinton has her own Emailgate.

We have run a series of columns about union employees violating policy by using the Sarasota County School District official email system to promote political candidates for public office and harassing district employees while on the clock.

Shirley Brown WEB

Shirley Brown, Sarasota County School Board member.

We wrote that this would be a challenge to the leadership of Superintendent Lori White. In October 2014 we reported that this “culture of corruption” has ensnared at least two sitting School Board members – Shirley Brown (D) and Caroline Zucker (R) and the District Communications Director Gary Leatherman, who reports directly to Superintendent White.

In a string of emails we found both Shirley Brown and Caroline Zucker violating not only Florida Statues (FS) 104.31, but also FS 106.113.  We also find School Board member Brown, Director Leatherman and the Ken Marsh campaign violating FS 106.15, which states:

A candidate may not, in the furtherance of his or her candidacy for nomination or election to public office in any election, use the services of any state, county, municipal, or district officer or employee during working hours.


Ken Marsh, former district bureaucrat and candidate for School Board.

In this string of emails we find Shirley Brown and the Ken Marsh campaign coordinating campaign donations. We also find the District Director of Communications and Community Relations Gary Leatherman giving advice to and editing a Ken Marsh for School Board campaign flyer. All of these actions violate district policy and state statues as the use of the district proprietary email system and the exchanges occur during working hours.

Items forwarded to staff, other school board members, the Ken Marsh campaign, Gary Leatherman and Superintendent White include:

  • School Board member Caroline Zucker is asked by Aaron Watkins, from Carab Enterprises, for advise on who to vote for in the school Board primary election. Watkins asks Zucker who she voted for in the School Board primary. Zucker replies, “I voted for Jane Goodwin, Shirley Brown and Ken Marsh.” (NOTE: Read more about Zucker here.)

To top all of this off  from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported:

A prominent Sarasota Democrat has formed a new political action committee aimed at supporting “progressive” candidates for local offices.

Future Generations Inc. PAC is run by liberal activist Susan Nilon, who sent a press release Thursday saying the organization was formed to level the financial playing field for candidates “who pledge to advance progressive public policies.”

[ … ]

Nilon said the PAC will be involved in a number of local races and won’t just support Democrats. It already has paid for mailers backing Frank Alcock, Cirillo’s Democratic opponent in the state Senate primary, and Republican Sarasota County School Board member Caroline Zucker.

Caroline Zucker is not a republican. Teresa Mast is a Republican. Any questions?


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  1. Frank X. Hodalski
    Frank X. Hodalski says:

    This lady sold us out YEARS AGO, and was let go because of what she did. About six years later, she ran again, won, and has been with us ever since. Her treatment of the young lady, alone, is reason to defeat her; the rest is ample cause for her firing.


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