Expert Makes Presidential Prediction Based on Hair — Trump/Pence Dominate


Dr. William Yates

CHICAGO, IL /PRNewswire/ — Dr. William Yates, author of Hair Matters and a national leader in hair restoration, announced research results about the correlation between successful presidential candidates and the oval office.  Since the 1960’s, when television became a huge part of the political campaign process, a candidate’s appearance and hairline started to play a significant role in voter’s decision making.

For an excerpt on Dr. Yates’ chapter, “Of Politics and Presidents,” click here.

“Studies show that framing of the face is a subconscious trigger that portrays the perception of superior strength, youthfulness, vitality and decisiveness, all qualities Americans look for in their Commander-in-Chief,” Yates said.  “It’s not about the most hair or the best styled hair, having hair is as much of a requirement as being 35-years-old and a naturally born citizen,” he added.  The only president that was balding in the last 50 years was Gerald Ford, who assumed office by default.

In 1960, a handsome John F. Kennedy took over well-known rival Richard Nixon and hairline has played an important role in nearly every election contest since. From Carter to Regan and the salt and peppered Bill Clinton to Obama, Americans make hair a requirement for the oval office.  However, according to Yates’ research, there is nothing citizens like more than seeing their president’s hair turn grey while they’re in office representing wisdom and their unrelenting work ethic.

In this year’s republican primary contest, Yates says candidates with thinning hair such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee were eliminated by this subconscious phenomenon.  When it comes to hairline wars on the democratic side, Hillary Clinton clearly dominated over Bernie Sanders windblown combover.

In the general election, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both have hair with hairlines that give them framing of the face.  Even though Donald Trump’s hair and his hairstyle have been a frequent source of jokes for late night TV, the fact remains he still has hair and his face is adequately framed.  Givetn two presidential candidates that have adequate framing of the face with near equal popularity, Dr. Yates research says the subliminal evaluation defaults to the Vice Presidential candidates.  While they are close in favorability, between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, he says the republican dominates in this hairline contest.

Based on the political ticket with the best hair, Yates predicts Donald Trump is poised to be our next President.  Bet you never thought you’d hear “best hair” and “Trump” in the same sentence before.

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