How Lies Are Destroying America

One of the major bi-products of the horrendous government school system in America is the of telling lies.  Also the habit of purposely or by accident neglecting to either reveal or give proper focus concerning current events, issues and tragedies that occur in our republic.  For example, let us take the issue of black men being shot by police officers.  If you listen to broadcast opinion pundits or read columnists who lean to the political and moral left.  They all have one thing in common.  That is an aversion to the truth or the whole truth.

It is tragic when anyone is shot, especially to the one who is shot.  Whether by a police officer or anyone else.  But time and time again, in the majority of cases when one is shot by a police officer the subject usually poses a threat.  It is often stated by media elites like the fat headed one on the progressive TV One Network that there is extreme racism against black men.  Other like-minded or mindless individuals have also complained about the war on black men when they weren’t haranguing about a so called war on women.

It is said that American society is dangerous for black men in general.  The progressive liars and useful idiots bellow about how police officers pull over black male drivers at such alarming rates.  They it adds to the mere discomfort of being a black man in society.  If that is true, then why is it that legal black immigrants from Africa, most of whom come here to build a better life rarely have run ins with the law, compared to the number of indoctrinated black men born here in America?  When a police officer first decides to flash his or her lights to signal a driver to pull over and stop, they have no way in determining if the black driver they have directed to pull over is from America or Africa. The millions of non-Muslim black Africans rarely have legal issues in comparison to their United States born counterparts.  However the spreading of the Black Lives Matter untruth that this is a racist society and that the members of the thin blue line are our enemy is both divisive and dangerous.  Most Americans, including the misleaders who proclaim how horrible it is for blacks in the United States, do not understand that more non Muslim Africans have voluntarily immigrated to our republic than the number who were captured long ago by Muslims and then brought to America as slaves.

As an American who happens to be black, I am not blind. I understand that there are problems.  But one has to wonder, what on earth is the true motivation behind the progressive approach that includes the exaggeration of problems in America, like racism for example?  I believe the progressive practice of lying about America and the results of decades of indoctrinating students against America is part of an ongoing effort to wipe out Americanism and Christianity then foist globalism up “We the People.”  Speaking of lies destroying our America, diversity is touted as a way to bring people together by honing in on and only promoting glaring differences. Particularly those differences that are not compatible with our Constitutionally Limited Republic.  Sharia Law quickly comes to mind.  Diversity does not help to establish or maintain our cohesive stable American society.

President Theodore Roosevelt warned Americans against the divisive and otherwise harmful effects of hyphenating groups and individuals.  My own Dad often lamented about the negative impact of hyphenating groups and individuals.  Thus I am proud to say that I never bought into the lie of diversity and am an American.  There are people I personally know who have a problem with me not accepting the stupid lie of diversity and misidentifying myself as an African American.  I have told them they need to meet a neighbor of mine who is an actual African American.  He along with his wife were born in Ghana and chose to move to America to build a great life for themselves.  They have become citizens and thus are actually African America.

Because of the positive life choices my actual African American neighbors have made, they are very successful.  They actually love the United States and cannot understand why so many blacks born here buy into the negativity and live so far below their potential.  Like the old saying goes, if you aim for nothing, you will certainly hit it.  Likewise, if one believes the lie that life is against them and they cannot do well, they will not.

Progressives both in and out of government and the media love to lie.  One big lie some of them tell is that Christianity is as brutal as Islam.  That is a huge whopper of a lie. Have Christians done wrong? Yes, but the truth is, when Christians have done wrong towards people for example they were going against the actual principles of Christianity and are to make amends, seek forgiveness and give an account.  On the other hand, Muslims are commanded to commit atrocities against non-Muslims ranging from rape, enslavement, beheading, denial of basic unalienable rights, etc.  Big, Big difference.  If you don’t wish to believe me, go read a Qur’an or Bill Federer’s book, “What every American needs to know about Islam.”

Without truth, America is doomed, but I believe truth will ring out and our republic shall prevail mightily.

EDITORS NOTE: The truth shall also set you free on a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary which airs overnights on The Captain’s America Third Watch, hosted by Matt Bruce. It emanates nationwide from Flagship station AM 860 the Answer WGUL Tampa, Fl.  And worldwide via

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