Hillary Clinton’s emails, Anthony Weiner, and the FBI — a Recap

The subject of FBI Director issuing communication to eight (8) leaders of Congress last week advising them the FBI had launched a new formal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and related items is still controversial.  What has since been revealed, and what is purported to be revealed still this week or weekend is even more startling, more alarming, and more sordid.

Mentioned below are my personal views, opinions and insights for your consideration:

  1. Last Thursday, October 27th, the FBI Director was fully briefed by a team of agents as to the magnitude of what had been delivered to them, as well as what they had uncovered on their own with regards to the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton’s emails.  Furthermore, the Director was made aware that very significant numbers of FBI Agents were seriously disgusted with his decision on July 5th not to bring charges to Hillary Clinton, and others, for the myriad security violations on her private servers and over-all conduct in relation to her email usage over the years.  The Director was further informed that a significant number of seasoned FBI Agents no longer had trust in the Department of Justice and the senior levels at DOJ including the U.S. Attorney General.  The briefing also included information that demonstrated if the FBI Director did not give permission to proceed with the new evidence there most likely would be significant resignations in the bureau, as well as information would then be made public.  He was also informed that the computers of Cheryl Mills and another at the highest levels of the Clinton probe were not destroyed as publicly reported.  The Director was personally told in this meeting that seasoned agents were, for the first-time in the history of the FBI, willing to come forward, go public, and stand for the Rule of Law, and against the myriad corruption at the highest levels across the Federal Government including into the Executive Branches, as well as for the first-time in the history of the FBI, seasoned agents made it known that their own bureau has become highly politicized and rendered compromised.
  2. The next day the FBI Director sent letters to the eight (8) leaders of both Houses of Congress informing them of the investigation that had been launched with new evidence, new concerns, new witnesses, and that lies had been told on a number of levels which are now apparent prior to his July 5th  public announcement.
  3. There is now prima facie evidence that at least five (5) countries Intelligence Services accessed United States Classified, Secret, Top Secret and higher marked documents through the Clinton servers.  It is highly suggested they are: Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, and Pakistan.  There are also serious and sobering concerns backed by emails and documents that a long-standing “Pay-for-Play” has been at work within the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Initiative, and then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton leading to foreign countries; with strong Reasonable Suspicion now uncovered that classified materials were even sold.   There is also Reasonable Suspicion, if not Probable Cause, that highly sensitive United States documents were leaked by Huma Abedin’s computer, and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, accessed 650,000 emails and documents from Huma Abedin, which were then compromised further.   New evidence and interviews are now developing a profile of strong alleged Clinton Foundation violations of the RICO Statues and Public Financing Law violations.  The various money trails steadily being exposed in the Clinton Foundation, along with a myriad of nefarious acts and deceptions appear to be leading to the very doorsteps of Senior Advisors to the President, and to the Oval Office itself.
  4. A case is now being developed to present charges of collusion by and between the Department of Justice, senior officials at the Department of Justice, quite possibly including the Attorney General, and the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Campaign with special attention to John Podesta and Cheryl Mills, and an unnamed third party.
  5. Another factor moving this new investigation is the systematic release of embarrassing and damaging materials by some highly qualified former intelligence specialists within our own government’s intelligence agencies who no longer believe the FBI will fulfill the role and mission unique to them; or the bureau will be stopped; or findings will be buried or barred from prosecution by the Attorney General and/or the White House.  These former intelligence analysts and specialists have publicly stated their fear that the Constitution of the United States is threatened, and the Clinton machine is a strong, multi-faceted, highly sophisticated and deadly criminal syndicate that will turn against the foundations and principles of our country if not exposed.  These Intel Specialists have publicly acknowledged that damaging release of American security has taken place, and as an example have intercepted communications depicting the selling of very high grade uranium from the United States to Russia for their nuclear program in exchange for laundered monies going to the Clintons.
  6. Just this evening as I write this report, Wikileaks stated an even larger “bomb shell” from the Clinton emails will be released this week.  From a separate intelligence source, I received a video and information supposedly showing alleged depraved sexual activity by and between Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and a young woman.  There is also evidence of Hillary’s serious drinking problem that is well known within selected circles over the past ten years, and longer.  Her drinking and medical issues are significant, and she is truly incapacitated for hours if not a day or two.  Foreign intelligence services know all of this, and more.  Our country is in very grave danger.

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