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Maricopa County Canvass Report — Prepare to be “STUNNED!”

Step by step the examination of the 2020 vote, at least in Maricopa County, Arizona, makes clear that absolute fraud occurred removing President Trump from office. There are many who still hold the belief no voter irregularity occurred. That is their right, but pain staking work has been accomplished to at least determine if significant […]

Who is really running the country?

Here’s who! There Is More to BlackRock Than You Might Imagine. The full-fledge attack on the United States via the theft of voting integrity this past November is but one dimension of a multi-prong campaign launched by global elites to collapse America into the New-World Order, the Global single economy and political order. The theft […]

The Arizona Election Forensic Evaluation

From the day of the Joint Legislative Public Hearing addressing Alleged Fraud and Conspiracy in the National 2020 Elections, there has been virtually non-stop hysterics, lies and deceits, collusion with holding evidence and information by public officials, there has been deliberate and pernicious disinformation to derail the Maricopa County, Arizona forensic evaluation. I have been […]

VIDEO: Election Day Sermon for 2020 — ‘Church in America, Wake Up!’

Watch an Election Day Sermon for 2020:  Tomorrow Americans are granted the privilege to choose a leader who will either steer us toward our founding principles, or one who will clearly continue to push our Nation away from our founding principles. John Winthrop was a Puritan who led a massive movement of immigrants from […]

VIDEO REPORT: Obama, Biden and Hillary Conspired With Iran to Kill Entire SEAL Team 6

On Sunday, October the 11th, 2020, documents, and tapes along with audio were delivered to a U.S. Congressman along with several conventional media outlets demonstrating that President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conspired and developed a sophisticated cover-up in the matter of Seal Team 6 and the purported killing of Osama […]

VIDEO: Human Trafficking Targets ‘Young Intellectually Disabled Girls’

Human Trafficking Research reports: The Department of State lists the top three states with the most human trafficking activity are California, New York and Texas. California Against Slavery reported that 3 of the ten worst child sex trafficking areas in the United States are in California: San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. The below video titled “Human Trafficking” was produced by the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s […]

Russiagate: A CIA Concocted Hoax

Bill Binney, former technical director for the National Security Agency (NSA), comes forward and proves conclusively that the reports of Russian hacking into the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Campaign are false and a complete fake narrative. The below stunning 16 minute interview pulls back the layers of deception and lies associated with the testimony […]

The Deep State vs. The Dark State

The FBI IG Report recently presented to Congress demonstrates that the wheels for opening the gates to clean-out the swamp are very rusty but are intermittingly turning; albeit, ever so slightly like the rusty and nearly frozen wheels they are. Some movement is being made in D.C. but sorely much, much less than the predominant […]

Homeschooling Skyrockets

Until communities retake control of their local school boards, and until there are sweeping changes in the educational process so children are taught to read, write, and do arithmetic…oh, and write in cursive so their brains and neurological system can develop properly; and until the socialist agenda now rampant in our schools, including no longer […]

The Bundy Ranch/Bunkerville standoff — When Armed American Citizens Stood Against Their Government

The events associated with the stand-off in Bunkerville, Nevada in April of 2014, supporting the protection of sovereignty came seriously close to the U.S. Government agencies gathered there opening fire on their own citizens; yes, citizens of the United States. Among the citizens present and supporting a “cease and desist” against infringement upon local sovereignty […]

Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change

I believe each of us has a responsibility to NOT trash the earth and our joint environment. Think about this even with such small objects like throwing cigarette butts, gum wrappers, matches, gum, etc., etc. So all the more that our elected representatives should take caution with larger items that could truly adversely impact our […]

List of Endangered Monuments — Will the Lincoln Memorial be next?

Mentioned below is an article found on World Net Daily with the authors noted. Below the article is a site which will take you to a list of endangered Confederate monuments and memorials. This article and the list portray a sad, sad commentary as to the aberrant behaviors and incredibly controlled and dumbed-down mind sets […]

Coal got knocked out in California, now natural gas is on the ropes…

Donald Trump’s election sent shock waves through the American liberal, progressive (code for European Socialists), and global Elite fraternities. Within days of Mr. Trump’s election a concerted, well organized and funded assault began to render Mr. Trump and his administration ineffective, and even impotent to change the Socialist Agenda seductively introduced since Bush, Sr. took […]