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Democrats Fear the Newest National Political Party ‘No Labels’

Arizona is the third state to qualify in the making of a new national political party. The “No Labels” party is working aggressively to spread across the county proclaiming it is time for voters to have a nonextreme presidential option outside the two traditional political parties. The video and article below shares further information on […]

FORENSIC REPORT: 25% of judges in Arizona are involved with payouts from the drug cartels

Attorney John Thaler reports, in the below video, that at least 25% of judges in Arizona are involved with payouts from the drug cartels. Three (3) counties in Arizona are directly mentioned in this forensic research. Very sobering information but critical if we are to return to integrous elections, and integrous elected officials. Watch as […]

Special Edition: Arizona Senate Elections Committee

This is a Special Edition of ARIZONA TODAY covering the Arizona State Senate Committee on Elections. The Senate Committee held this public hearing on Monday, February 13th, 2023 at the State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona. The focus and testimony you will hear from the lead expert witness is startling! You will hear his testimony in […]

Interview with Trump Senior Advisor Jeff DeWit Who is Seeking the Chairmanship of the Arizona State GOP

Former Arizona State Treasurer and Trump Senior Advisor, Jeff DeWit is my guest on Arizona Today. What made me designate this segment and the segment with Rep. Mark Finchem as SPECIAL EDITIONS are the weighted issues presented by both gentlemen. Jeff DeWit is seeking the Chairmanship of the Arizona State GOP at a time when […]

VIDEO: The Corruption Of The 2022 Electoral Process In Arizona and Five Other States

Honorable Finchem describes problems of the 2022 election that affected six other states along with Arizona. He also directs our attention to the Elections Fairness Institute. Former Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem candidly discusses information further demonstrating the corruption of the electoral process across America. Our conversation is NOT a rehash of election sour grapes. […]

Faith in Dark Times

The article below by Bill Muehlenberg was sent to me today by a member of an intelligence network to which I have belonged for over ten years. Not only is the article timely and worthy of your reading, but I wanted to share that there are far more members of law enforcement, intelligence and threat […]

Freedom Caucus Agreement v McCarthy

I was taught early in college as I created Young Republican groups in three cities within northern Arizona, there comes a time when negotiations require delicate work, conversation versus shouting, actual protecting a person’s heart without sacrificing integrity and principles our Forefathers laid out for us to follow. It is most possible, but requires careful […]

Intelligence Briefing: Healthcare Issues Directly Related to Illegals and Refugees Flowing into the U.S.

Attached is an Intelligence Briefing on Healthcare directly related to Illegals and Refugees flowing into the United States. The briefing is a portion of both an oral presentation and a longer version delivered directly to Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. The attached was requested by a senior member of the Trump Presidential Campaign, and […]

Texas Governor’s Letter to Biden RE: The Invasion of America’s Southern Border

Below is Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s letter to Joe Biden regarding the invasion at the southern Border. Governor Abbott’s communication is candid, factual, and in the best interest of his State of Texas. As the Chief Executive Officer for his state, Governor Abbott defines most clearly his authority (actually the authority of every Governor as […]

TAKE ACTION: File a Complaint to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office on Maricopa County’s Election

Pursuant to requests asking if the Arizona Attorney General truly did file a formal complaint with Maricopa County reference serious and multiple questions, concerns, evidence demonstrating voting interference, and issues suggesting voting integrity was violated, the below mentioned link will open to the full and complete letter from the Arizona Attorney General on the aforesaid […]

Newly Elected Conservative School Board Fires Superintendent bans CRT

With full acknowledgement and appreciation to Epoch Times for covering the story below. Parents across the country finally have had enough of the indoctrination of their children in the school systems. A newly elected conservative School Board back by “Moms for Liberty,” a conservative activist group supporting parental rights and the solid education for children, […]

24 U.S. Governors Are Named On Chinese Communist Party Membership List

Survive the News reporter and columnist Georgette, penned a most sobering, most sad, truly disturbing article which link is mentioned below. I want to shout, “Say it ain’t so!” Upon reading her article, you, too, may wish to join me shouting the same or similar. What has happened to us as a nation that would bring […]