A Republic Is Not Mob Rule

There has been renewed talk, mostly from the left, about the problem with our Electoral College as it pertains to electing a President.

The leftist are upset that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote (although that is not actually the case due to known voter fraud) yet lost to Donald Trump in the Electoral College count.

They scream that it’s not fair.  That the Electoral College is out dated, old fashioned and has no place in a modern Democracy.

Well that is the problem right there.  We are not a pure Democracy.  We are a Representative Republic.  And that means our representatives have to be elected via the entire population in which that representative represents.

Let me simplify.

In local elections, it’s easy to elect via popular vote.  Local elections are small compared to the whole of the nation.  So it makes sense that the popular vote prevails in small amounts. 

But since we are a UNION, not an actual and technical COUNTRY, you cannot simply elect the Union’s Representative via a simple popular vote. 

Example: let’s say you have 7 people, 3 women and 4 men.  Let’s assume that there is a referendum in front of these seven people.  The referendum is about sex.  Let’s say that the referendum is that men can have sex with any woman they want at any time and the women have to happily capitulate.

By a simple vote, it might go down as 4 men say yes and 3 women say no.  Mob rule, the women lose.  But now let’s say that the men represent a portion of the population and the women represent another portion of the population.

Let’s say that in order for this referendum to pass, they need 10 points or delegates.  Those delegates are distributed by population numbers.  The men have 4 points and the women have 6 points in total. 

Now let them vote.  The men all vote for the referendum and thus garner 4 points.  The women decide they don’t like it and vote against.  They represent a larger percentage of the population in total even though they are in the minority in voting numbers.  They vote no.  They have 6 points. 

The women have defeated the referendum even though there were fewer of them.  This means the mob of men cannot run rough shod over the women.

This is how the Electoral College works.  But instead of men and women, we are talking states.  So in other words, large states cannot run rough shod over small states simply because the large states have a larger population. 

The Electoral College is there to make things fairer.  To make all states more equal on a national level.  So if you believe in FAIR elections then there is nothing more fair than to try and treat all states in the Union as equal as possible.

And that, boys and girls, is why the Electoral College system is not outdated.  But a brilliant way to make the Union more fair for everyone. 

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