Get ready for more Fake News: ‘Islamophobia’ reporter hired at Buzzfeed

Let’s hope BuzzFeed is hiring reporters to also cover specific incidences of Christianophobia, Judeophobia, blackophobia, Asianophobia, Hinduphobia (and the list goes on).

The report says it right: “Get ready for more fake news…..” Maybe BuzzFeed could hire Yasmin Seweid as a consultant.

“BuzzFeed Hires Islamophobia Reporter”, by Maggie McKneely, MRC Newsbusters, December 13, 2016:

Get ready for more fake news – BuzzFeed is hiring!

In the eyes of ultra-liberal website BuzzFeed, Islamophobia in America is a legitimate beat that needs covering, and they are ready to hire a journalist dedicated solely to making sure the plight of marginalized Muslims is reported. The site recently posted a job listing for “someone to join our ambitious national news team to cover Muslim life and Islamophobia in America.”

The job listing specifies that “this is not a job for a beginner” and that “creativity in the way you think about a beat” is a requirement. Because many stories will appear to be a reaction to radical Islamic terrorism; but an “experienced” reporter will know that they are just more examples of the rampant epidemic of Islamophobia, spurred on by the election of Donald Trump.

The new reporter will also work alongside their colleagues that report on anti-Christian and Conservative actions – oh wait.

The new job posting comes from a website that has a history of mocking anything that the Left deems to be “privileged.” The site ran a “listicle” of all of the reasons white people are a menace. And last week, BuzzFeed released a hit piece on the HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines for attending a church known for its stance on homosexuality: the typical Christian stance that marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman.

BuzzFeed may be expanding its ability to paint America as a hateful country that loves persecuting minorities…

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