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Biden Tries to Project Energy By Going to Where FDR Went to Die

Rush Limbaugh referred to this article on his show yesterday: “‘Joe Biden Tries to Project Energy By Going to Where FDR Went to Die.’ That’s a headline. Robert Spencer, PJ Media. I think it’s a great headline, by the way.” Thanks, Rush! My latest in PJ Media: Apparently awakening to the absurdity of his initial plan to forego campaigning […]

Biden is Wrong: US Didn’t Have Good Relationship With Hitler — But the New York Times Did

Did the United States really have a good relationship with Adolf Hitler before he started World War II? Joe Biden made this bizarre claim during Thursday’s debate with President Trump. Trump said of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un: “North Korea, we’re not in a war. We have a good relationship. People don’t understand. Having a good […]

The Trump Administration’s Geopolitical Hat Trick

Sudan has become the third Arab country to agree to normalize relations with Israel. The Palestinians are most unhappy: “Palestinians condemn ‘shameful’ Israel-Sudan accord,” by Khaled Abu Toameh and Celia Jean, Jerusalem Post, October 24, 2020: The Palestinian Authority said on Friday that it “condemns and rejects” the normalization of relations between Arab countries and Israel. A […]

Corporation from an Islamic State where Wife-Beating is Legal Opens a Feminist Hotel in D.C.

Look at the tampon portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, ignore the wife-beating. What was Washington D.C. missing? A feminist hotel whose lobby has a giant portrait of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg made out of “repurposed tampons”. Of all the ways the deceased justice would want to be remembered, a giant tampon portrait likely ranks below […]

Trump Announces that Sudan and Israel have Agreed to Normalization of Relations

As Hugh Fitzgerald discussed here yesterday, Sudan has become the latest majority-Muslim state to normalize relations with Israel, once again bypassing “Palestinian” jihadi intransigence. What is happening here, if it can be sustained, could be world-historical. #BREAKING: President @realDonaldTrump has announced that Sudan and Israel have agreed to the normalization of relations— another major step toward building […]

Feds say Iran was behind ‘Proud Boys’ threats sent to Democratic voters

How much does the Islamic Republic of Iran want the Obama-Biden regime back? This much. “Feds: Iran Behind ‘Proud Boys’ Email Attacks on Democratic Voters,” by Elizabeth Montalbano, ThreatPost, October 22, 2020: Messages that threaten people to ‘vote for Trump or else’ are part of foreign adversaries’ attempts to interfere with the Nov. 3 election, according […]

Tippecanoe and Biden Too

President Trump has repeatedly challenged the establishment media to ask Joe Biden to denounce Antifa, and has, of course, found no takers. Meanwhile, the Hunter Biden scandal keeps growing, with credible evidence that Hunter was selling (at exorbitant prices) access to his father while Joe was vice president, but for the most part the Leftist […]

PHOENIX: Hijab-wearing transsexual Antifa rioter decries ‘Islamophobic’ jail conditions, tweets ‘AbolishAmerikkka’

Overnight on 17 Oct., BLM-antifa rioters shut down traffic in Phoenix, Ariz. & threw incendiary devices at responding police. 18 arrested. https://t.co/cd3O31K9l0 Britney Austin, 35, a militant #antifa male to female Muslim transsexual, was arrested again https://t.co/yYgrcPtZAZ pic.twitter.com/Ph6kJ4gywp — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) October 19, 2020 Militant #antifa Britney Erica Austin, previously known as Eric Austin, […]

Biden: Muslims Will Serve ‘At Every Level’ of His Administration

The sparse attendance and conspicuous lack of enthusiasm at Joe Biden’s rallies seems to have led old Joe’s handlers, despite his 10,000-point lead in the polls, to decide that another round of Islamopandering might be just the shot in the arm their campaign needs. After all, hard-Leftists such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Linda Sarsour are […]

Muslim Legal Fund of America features wife of Orlando Pulse Nightclub Jihad Mass Murderer

Noor Salman was the wife of Omar Mateen, who murdered 49 people in a jihad massacre that he said was for the Islamic State. The Orlando Sentinel reported on March 30, 2018 that “the foreman of the Noor Salman jury contacted the Orlando Sentinel with a statement about what the three days of deliberations were like for […]

Kamala Harris Is Getting Advice From Hamas-Linked CAIR

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has always had friends in high places, and could conceivably (if the polls are right, which seems unlikely, and ol’ Joe gets the 25th) soon have the ear of the president of the United States: the Washington Free Beacon reported Tuesday that “as California’s attorney general and then as U.S. senator, […]

NEW YORK: While Cuomo Targets Orthodox Jews, Muslim Mass Gatherings Go On

Like Black Lives Matter riots, Muslim mobs don’t spread the virus. Every year, Shiite Muslims in Flushing, Queens conduct the Arbaeen, a procession in honor of Mohammed’s grandson whose death at the hands of a Sunni caliph marked the pivotal break between Shiites and Sunnis, slapping their faces and chests for their beheaded Imam Hussein. […]

Trump to Iran: ‘Do Not F**k Around with Us’

After Obama gave them billions, it’s easy to see why the Mullahs think America is a pushover. My latest in FrontPage: Iran, said President Trump on the Rush Limbaugh show on Friday, has been “put on notice.” The President elaborated: “If you f–k around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are gonna do things to you that have never […]

Justice Department seizes 92 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps websites spreading pro-Biden propaganda

Remember the good old days when Obama showered billions on the Islamic Republic of Iran? The mullahs do, and want them back. “U.S. Seizes 92 Websites Run by Iranian Intel Services,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, October 8, 2020: The Department of Justice on Wednesday seized the domain names of 92 websites that it says […]