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Israel’s “greatest feat is being the first nation-state in history to illegally occupy their own territory”

Indeed. Find out the truth and cut through the Leftist and Islamic disinformation and propaganda in The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process. “The UN should be ashamed of its anti-Israel boycott list,” by Stephen Daisley, Spectator, February 17, 2020: I knew if we waited long enough, the United Nations would make […]

FLORIDA: 17-year-old boy converts to Islam, slits throat of 13-year-old, killing him for mocking his new religion

The family of the victim is suing Publix for selling Corey Johnson the knife, violating a Florida law that prohibits the sale of knives to anyone under age 18. That’s all well and good, but how many people even know that this incident happened at all? The murder of Jovanni Alexander Sierra should have been […]

Forthcoming Book lists Trump as one of the Greatest Presidents, Twitter Leftists’ heads explode

This morning I wrote an article for PJ Media that makes a point that I elaborate in my forthcoming book, Rating America’s Presidents: An America-First Look at Who Is Best, Who Is Overrated, and Who Was An Absolute Disaster. Then over on Twitter I noticed that “#PresidentObama” was trending for Presidents Day, as a huge crowd of Twitter […]

Rutgers: Jewish Democrat thrown out of Muslims4Peace event for calling Rashida Tlaib antisemitic

At virtually every university in the country, the academic establishment will use its thuggish cops to cosset and protect Leftists and Islamic supremacists from the slightest negative word. Institutions of higher learning? Hardly. They’re Antifa factories, centers of hard-Left indoctrination. “Jewish Democrat Thrown Out of ‘Muslims4Peace’ Event for Calling Rashida Tlaib Antisemitic,” by Penny Starr, Breitbart, […]

Rep. Omar: America Causes Floods Around the World

America is awesome. Is there anything we can’t do? When a butterfly flaps its wings in Michigan, Somalia floods. When a butterfly flaps its wings in Manhattan, Somalia undergoes a civil war between quarreling Islamists. And when a butterfly flaps its wings in Malibu, then Rep. Omar gets elected to the House. “When you see a Somali […]

Biden’s ‘Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ Remark Reminds Us: The Dem Candidates Are ALL Crazy

My latest in PJ Media: Joe Biden is always good for laughs, but there isn’t really any joke: he’s serious. On Sunday, he reminded us just how far around the bend he is when he called a female questioner in New Hampshire a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” Even Fox News, along with the rest of the establishment media, […]

VIDEO: ‘Moderate’ Fatah to Trump: ‘Shove the deal up your… ‘We’ll declare a war only Allah can extinguish’

The talk about Allah extinguishing wars is derived from one of the Qur’an’s innumerable denunciations of Jews: “And the Jews say, ‘The hand of Allah is chained.’ Chained are their hands, and cursed are they for what they say. Rather, both his hands are extended; he spends however He wills. And that which has been […]

Jewish Harvard Club member says Muslim Harvard prof called her a whore and bruised her arm

And she was expelled from the lecture. That’s the state of academia today. “Jewish Harvard Club member assaulted during pro-Palestinian lecture, lawsuit says,” by Kathianne Boniello, New York Post, February 8, 2020 (thanks to the Geller Report): A Jewish member of the Harvard Club claims she was assaulted by a professor during a pro-Palestinian lecture at the swanky venue […]

Scotland: The Most Popular Name for Rapists is Mohammed by Joshua Winston

The most popular name for male rapists in Scotland is Muhammad (or Mohammed, or variant spellings thereof). You could be forgiven for thinking that in such a land, the most popular names for any kind of criminal might by Angus or Archie or Donald, etc. This is quite an accomplishment by Muslims, whose population density […]

Iowa: Muslims unite behind Bernie to screams of ‘Allahu Akbar’

He is close to Linda Sarsour. He hates Israel. He wants to drastically weaken the U.S. He uncritically buys into the victimhood propaganda. What’s not to like? “US election 2020: At one Iowa mosque, almost all caucus votes went to Bernie Sanders,” by Ali Harb, Middle East Eye, February 4, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): […]

Next Democrat Gambit: Trump Too Crazy to Be President

My latest in PJ Media: Their massive impeachment hoax has failed, although it is likely that the Democrats, intent as ever on discrediting and destroying one of the most successful presidents in American history, will cue up another impeachment trial this summer, and probably fail just as ignominiously as they did this time. But before they […]

Buttigieg endorsed and advised by Vali Nasr, Iranian Islamic regime apologist and lobbyist

This is bad, but the worst part of it is the Buttigieg is by no means singular in this. The Iranian regime-linked National Iranian American Council (NIAC) wields enormous influence in Washington. THREAD RED FLAG 1)@PeteButtigieg, the Iowa caucus "winner," is endorsed & advised by @vali_nasr, a known #Iran regime apologist/lobbyist who describes Qassem Soleimani […]

Two more ‘austere religious scholars’ killed at Trump’s direction

Last October, the Washington Post hailed ISIS caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar.” Because it was Trump who ordered that these jihad mass murderers be taken out as well, watch for the establishment media to eulogize them in similar terms. “White House Confirms Trump Has Killed Two More Top Terrorists,” by Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire, […]