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The World Prepares to Recognize a Hamas Palestinian State

A “Palestinian” state will be a state of the terrorists, by the terrorists and for the terrorists. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO’s Palestinian Authority and the other Islamic terrorist groups who make up the official “Palestinian” leadership have been invited for unity talks in Moscow. The terrorist unity talks scheduled by the Putin regime for the end […]

Irony in NYC: Hamas supporters scream at Jerry Seinfeld, ‘You support genocide’ [Video]

Hamas wants a genocide. Israel is not committing one. No serenity for Jerry Seinfeld as he’s berated by anti-Israel protesters outside NYC event: video by David Propper, New York Post, February 26, 2024: A smiling Jerry Seinfeld waved off anti-Israel protesters who accused him of supporting genocide as he exited an event on the Upper East […]

Biden regime restores policy Trump rescinded, claiming Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria are ‘illegitimate’

Why has this policy been restored? Because Rashida Tlaib and Nihad Awad, among others, have threatened that Biden will get no Muslim votes in November unless he betrays Israel. The West Bank is the name that Jordan gave in 1950 to the land that had been known as Judea and Samaria from time immemorial. Knowing […]

Google’s Gemini AI rules that Robert Spencer’s video about the survival of the West ‘hateful’ and ‘discriminatory’

“Google Gemini AI’s refusal to translate my latest podcast title with Robert Spencer, sparks controversy over alleged hate speech and Islamophobia, prompting debate on context and censorship in language processing technology.” — Kate Wand “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell “If […]

Islamic Republic of Iran: State-backed Security Officials Raped 16-year-old Protester before Murdering Her

The security officials were proceeding on the basis of clear Islamic principles. The hijab is required for women so that men don’t get tempted. If men are tempted nonetheless, it is the fault of the woman. This is why rape victims are sometimes imprisoned in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. And proceeding from those assumptions, […]

Hamas is Directly Trying to Influence Biden

“He wants to keep the fighting going on until the U.S. elections in November for Trump to win.” While plenty of Hamas supporters are besieging the administration and the Democratic Party, Hamas is more directly trying to manipulate Biden. Via Al Jazeera. (Not linked for the same reason I don’t directly link Al Qaeda or other […]

Trump vows to ‘defend Christian values’ from the Left at National Religious Broadcasters Convention

The Left is sure to unleash on Trump over his remarks at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) International Christian Media Convention in Nashville: Trump tells religious broadcasters he’ll defend Christianity against perceived threats from the left by Will Weissert, Associated Press, February 23, 2024: Former President Donald Trump promised to use a second term in the […]

U.S. vetoes UN resolution put forth by Arab states demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The UN Security Council needs to immediately evacuate Palestinian civilians from Rafah, given its stated concerns about the humanitarian emergency. Instead, the UN has intentionally blocked civilian evacuation, and continues to choose instead to keep the global spotlight on Israel, not on Hamas and its use of human shields. While Israel has shown repeated concern […]

Can Harvard Be Saved From DEI and a Debased Curriculum?

Harry Lewis has been at Harvard, man and boy, for fifty years. He’s a professor of computer science, and formerly Dean of Harvard. He has long been a Cassandra, a vox clamantis in deserto, alarmed about the state of education at Harvard, where he has registered the decline brought about by the madness of DEI (diversity, equity, […]

Biden Regime Considered Sanctioning Israeli Cabinet Members

The Biden regime is desperate to stop Israel’s campaign against Hamas. The Biden administration has a plan for the Hamas-Israel war. It’s the same plan that past administrations have unleashed on Israel. Pressure Netanyahu or whoever is in office into ignoring voters and conservative members of his coalition, push him into making a deal with […]

Minneapolis Muslim trained at ISIS camp, said he would ‘shoot New York up. We going to come blow New York up’

How many others are there like Harafa Hussein Abdi in Minneapolis? Such questions, of course, are “Islamophobic.” “U.S. Citizen Charged with Providing Material Support to Isis And Receiving Military-Type Training at Isis Fighter Camp,” Justice Department, February 16, 2024: A complaint was unsealed today charging Harafa Hussein Abdi, 41, of Minneapolis, with providing and conspiring to […]

Biden Administration Has No Idea Who Should Run A Palestinian State

The Bidenites are making their insidious plans to pressure Israel to accept a Palestinian state, by agreeing to be squeezed back within the 1949 armistice lines, with a nine-mile-wide waist from Qalqilya to the sea. Israel is already, with 8,630 square miles, among the tiniest countries in the world; its current size — before the […]

Netanyahu Rejects Biden’s ‘Diktat’

The Bidenites are working with Muslim Arab states to impose a Palestinian state upon Israel. But Netanyahu is unwilling to go along. More on this can be found here: “‘Israel Outright Rejects International Dictates’: Biden Creating Plan For Palestinian State, Netanyahu Pushes Back: Report,” by Jack Elbaum, Algemeiner, February 16, 2024: In a statement on Thursday […]

Biden Protects ‘Palestinian’ Illegal Aliens From Deportation

Terrorists welcome. Is there a major wave of terror in the Middle East? Are Hamas supporters marching through the streets of American cities while calling for Jihad? Sure we could deport them, but instead Biden is protecting them from deportation. Biden granted Palestinians in the United States temporary protection from deportation amid the ongoing conflict overseas, according […]

Senior BBC employee who called Jews ‘Nazis’ and denied Holocaust has now been fired

All along, Dawn Queva managed to hide her antisemitism and racism against whites under the rubric of woke rage about white supremacism. Woke anti-Semites who managed to perpetuate their hate in businesses, government and campuses alike, under the cover of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, are now being penalized in the wake of the upheaval created by their […]