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University of Florida pro-Palestinian group falsely accuses ‘Zionists’ of ‘ethnic cleansing’ Palestinians from 1947 to 1949

None of that really happened, of course. Nor did any of Ihmoud’s other claims. Israeli troops did not engage in “systematic massacres and evictions during the destruction of Palestinian villages in 1948.” As The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process shows, the Arabs, for the most part, left Israel because they were […]

Ramadan in Texas: Shooter at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station identified as Adam Salim Alsahli

Cue up those establishment media stories on “Islamophobia”: there has been a jihad attack in Texas. “Suspect shot at NAS-CC incident has been identified,” KRISTV.com, May 21, 2020: The man killed in this morning’s shooting at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi has been identified. NBC News reports that the suspect’s name is Adam Salim Alsahli. FBI Supervisory […]

VIDEO: Jay Smith interviews Robert Spencer on “Did Muhammad Exist?”

Did Muhammad Exist?  Get the book Did Muhammad Exist? HERE. RELATED ARTICLES: FBI ‘Mistakenly’ Reveals Identity of Saudi Diplomat Suspected of Aiding 9/11 Jihadis Somalia: Ramadan, the “traditional time for girls to be cut,” sees “huge increase” in female genital mutilation Egypt: Jihad terrorists in Sinai Peninsula step up their attacks during Ramadan Ramadan in […]

The Muslim Brotherhood Operative on Facebook’s Content Oversight Board

PART I When it comes to Islam, Facebook seems unable to get things right. It has made life more difficult for sober islamocritics such as Robert Spencer, censoring their content, while favoring those who attempt to deflect such criticism with charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia.” Recently Mark Zuckerberg decided it would be a good thing […]

VIDEO: Imam on Terror Watch List Delivers Opening Prayer at Utah State Senate Session

Did the person from the Utah Senate who invited Yussuf Awadir Abdi to deliver this prayer know that he was on the terror watch list? Did he or she care? Or was virtue-signaling the paramount imperative here, overriding all other considerations? “Imam on terrorist watch list delivers opening prayer during Utah Senate Session,” Deplorable Kel, May […]

FBI reveals name of Saudi official suspected of directing support for 9/11 jihadis

What is known about the Saudi involvement in 9/11 is detailed in The History of Jihad. But much more is not known, and the people who should be investigating, and should have investigated long ago, are clueless, compromised, or complicit. “EXCLUSIVE: In court filing, FBI accidentally reveals name of Saudi official suspected of directing support for […]

Hackers linked to Iran target staff at US coronavirus drug-maker Gilead Sciences Inc.

Yet despite this, the Iranian mullahs, with help from the international media, will continue to claim the moral high ground. That is nothing new, and neither is Iran’s aggression. As The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran shows, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been on a war footing against the U.S. since 1979. “Iran-linked hackers recently targeted […]

Facebook Names Muslim Brotherhood Operative to Oversight and Censorship Board

It is easy to see where all this is tending, although no one seems to have the wit or the will to do anything about it. The social media giants, anxious to make sure that President Trump is not reelected, are moving quickly now to defame and discredit, or silence altogether, all those who dissent […]

ARIZONA: Muslim Students Threaten to Kill Prof for Suggesting Islam is Violent

My latest at PJ Media: This will teach those Islamophobes that Islam is a religion of peace: a professor is facing death threats for suggesting otherwise. Nicholas Damask, Ph.D., has taught political science at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona for 24 years. But now he is facing a barrage of threats, and his family, including his […]

As Women in Iran Face Prison for Taking Off the Hijab, Fox TV Series Glamorizes It

My latest in PJ Media: Rob Lowe’s 9-1-1: Lone Star is apparently a TV show that, according to the description here, “follows a sophisticated New York firefigter [sic] who, along with his son, relocates to Austin and must try to balance the duties of saving those who are at their most vulnerable and solving the problems in his own […]

The Washington Post Wants You to Fast for Ramadan

My latest in PJ Media: The far-Left anti-Trump propaganda organ masquerading as a news source and operating under the name the Washington Post on Thursday published an inspiring op-ed entitled “As American Muslims fast this Ramadan, maybe the rest of America should consider joining in.” The Post’s articles exhorting people to keep the Lenten fast or the Yom Kippur fast have not […]

Halal: How Non-Muslims are Being Forced to Pay for Islamic Expansion

In India, a country known to have a Hindu majority, meat vendors such as Licious and FreshToHome are selling only halal meat to their customer base, despite the fact that it is comprised of Hindus, Chritians, Sikhs, atheists, as well as, of course, Muslims. In the United States, the Mayor of New York, Bill de […]

Members of Congress and Their Highly Selective Indignation

Stephen Flatow notes that a letter signed several weeks ago by 60 members of Congress shocks the conscience, or should. Here is his story : Did you hear the shocking news? Sixty Congress members just signed a letter demanding that the Federal government stop the dismantling of any illegally built homes that have been built by Arabs. […]

Minneapolis’ Islamic Call to Prayer Ushered in by Communist-Jihadi Cabal in Minnesota

Jacob Frey, working directly with Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center, approved the Muslim call to prayer over loudspeakers in Minneapolis for the first time in history Minneapolis becomes only the third city in America to allow the call to prayer like this. The others […]