A Repeat of Natural Catastrophes May Be President Trump’s Biggest Challenge

This is an invitation for you to go to several web sites for important new information regarding the serious threat that now exists for historic and deadly earthquakes here in the United States. The first of these quakes may strike during the administration of President Donald Trump.

Hundreds of billions of dollars in property damage are likely and tens of thousands of Americans may perish in this major earthquake threat period that begins this year – 2017!

upheavalThis warning comes in the recently published book, “Upheaval – Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States.”

Based on ten years of research from a team of international scientists and a full year in the writing, the book exposes the clear and present danger the USA is under from devastating earthquakes that come around on cycles of roughly 100 and 200 years. The most damaging cycle, the 200 year cycle has just begun. These earthquake cycles are, according to the book, intimately linked to climate variation.

“Upheaval!” explains in understandable, non-technical, language why there is an over 80% chance of calamitous earthquakes once again striking the United States, affecting not just Alaska and California, but also the central and northeastern US and other states.

This rare and profoundly dangerous new geophysical era the US and the world has entered, will provide significant new challenges to every citizen of the US as well as to the new administration of President Donald Trump.

Please examine the following references:

1.The Veritence Corporation web site at http://www.veritence.net has a new ‘Commentary’ titled:

“A Repeat of Natural Catastrophes May Be President Trump’s Biggest Challenge.”

This Commentary focuses on past Presidents and the unanticipated geophysical and climate related disasters that occurred during their terms in office. The Commentary explains how these events were linked to changes in the climate and references the research from“Upheaval!” The Commentary goes on to support the opinion that President Trump may face some of the most damaging earthquakes in our country’s history that may cause significant human and economic losses – more than any other President has seen in our country’s history!

2.The eBook and the paperback version of “Upheaval!” are now available from Trafford Publishing and Amazon.com.

Please go to the Trafford web site for “Upheaval!” at www.upheaval2017.com for your copy of “Upheaval!” in paperback or the new eBook versions (ePub, mobi, and PDF formats), or

Go to the Amazon.com web site at www.amazon.com and enter the book title in the search block to be taken to the Amazon order page for both the paperback and ‘Kindle’ eBook  version of the book.


3.To get an autographed copy of “Upheaval!” please go to the web site of Veritence Publishing, Inc., at:  www.veritencepublishing.com

Go to the “Non-fiction Reading” page at the site for instructions to obtain a paperback copy via mail at the existing retail price with no S&H.

Here are some quotes from this important book:

“…a book that every American and every citizen of planet Earth should read and heed.” Dr. Rich Swier

From a USGS study: “More than 143 million Americans living in the 48 contiguous states are exposed to potentially damaging ground shaking from earthquakes.”

From the chapter on ‘The West Coast – Widespread Damage.’ We have:

“There is at least an 80% chance of more than one catastrophic earthquake of at least M 6.7+ hitting the state (of California) during the period 2017 to 2031 and an 80% chance of a catastrophic M 7.9 or greater quake striking the state during the same period.”

From the chapter on the “The New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ)”:

“Few cases reach the strength of evidence for a major earthquake anywhere in the USA more than the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). Like clockwork, the NMSZ has produced a region wide devastating earthquake or series of earthquakes with every 206 year solar hibernation or significant decline in the Sun’s energy output since the year 1450!…“The fact that another solar hibernation has begun should put every state in the area and the federal government on high alert.”

“Most Americans are unaware that should the NMSZ have a series of quakes similar to the 1811-1812 temblors during the last solar hibernation, the majority of the gas and oil that is delivered to the northeastern states will be shut off, possibly for many months.…resulting in a substantial and immediate power and heating oil crisis….”

For a repeat of the 1811-1812 NMSZ quakes, “FEMA estimates… 86,000 injuries and fatalities,…7.2 million people displaced,….Direct economic losses…nearly $300 billion, while indirect losses may be at least twice this amount.”

Regardless of your decision of whether to obtain the paperback or the eBook version of this important work, you are requested to notify any friends and family or business associates, media and government officials  you may have in the states listed below.

According to the book authors, they should begin at once to prepare for the worst geophysical period in our country’s history with the real possibility that some of the first destructive earthquakes could strike as early as this year:

Any Central and Northeastern state dependent on oil, natural gas and fuel from the gulf state refineries, including as a minimum, Ohio,Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, South Carolina and Puerto Rico.

Anyone in the central Mississippi valley states including: Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisiana.

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