A Short ‘Honey-Do’ List for President Trump

Although Republican lawmakers were confronted with shouting, screaming mobs during their February recess, they have no one to blame but themselves… or one of their not-dry-behind-the-ears staffers who wouldn’t know a leftist political assault from a Girl Scout picnic.  Someone in their capital offices or in their district offices should have known that a George Soros/Barack Obama-linked organization called “Indivisible” planned to turn their town hall meetings into rowdy shouting matches.  Their goal was to create an impression that the congressman or senator was very unpopular with voters and they were somewhat successful in creating that impression.

Indivisible protesters claim a kinship with the Tea Party, but like almost everything else we hear from liberals and Democrats, those claims are totally without merit.  For starters, it should be noted that Tea Party activists are all people who are for something, while liberals and Democrats, including the troublemakers of Indivisible, refuse to say what they’re actually for… other than the early departure of Donald Trump from the White House.

What that should tell us is that there are an awful lot of people in Washington with a “D” behind their names who have far too much free time on their hands.  As our mothers used to caution us, “idle hands are the Devil’s play-things.”

It’s time that Donald Trump and congressional Republicans took off the gloves and played a little political hardball.  They might want to give Obama and the Democrats something to think about by preparing a list of “honey-dos” guaranteed to hold the interest of Democrats.  For starters, Republican congressional leaders should announce plans for an audit of Obama’s 2009 stimulus program, a $787 billion boondoggle passed by Congress in February 2009.  What happened to the $787 billion that was to be spent on “shovel ready” projects when, by Obama’s own admission, they couldn’t find many “shovel ready” projects?  Once again, like much of what Democrats do, the stimulus was a solution in search of a problem.  Nevertheless, we do need to know exactly who walked off with nearly a trillion dollars of taxpayer money.

Now that Obama has let it be known that he’s ready to come out of retirement to lead a “shadow government,” Trump may want to lay a little trap for him as payback for the humiliation he suffered at the 2012 White House Correspondent’s dinner when Obama publicly ridiculed him for being a “birther.”  The White House could hint that Trump, after several months in office, was considering inviting Obama back to the Oval Office for a general discussion on several knotty international and domestic problems.  However, in order to accommodate that discussion, it would be necessary to verify that Obama’s security clearance was up to date.  And when the White House staff found that Obama cannot pass the same Homeland Security E-Verify test that all green card applicants must pass in order to work in the United States… all E-Verify attempts using Obama’s name and Social Security number from his federal and state tax returns produce a “no match” response… they would quietly, and without fanfare, appear to drop the issue.

However, the White House press corps, always anxious to add another nail to Trump’s coffin, could be expected to press for an answer, fearful that Obama was being “dissed” by Donald Trump.  The White House press secretary would then attempt to avoid the issue, saying that the idea was still “under consideration.”  But, as pressure built within the White House press corps for a Trump response, a carefully placed “leak” could let the story out.  Then, in Sean Spicer’s daily press briefing, he could finally be forced to “come clean.”  By that time, everyone in the country would know that President Trump would be unable to share classified information with Obama because he has been using a stolen Social Security number for many years and cannot qualify for access to confidential, secret, or top secret information.

Turning to the illegal immigration issue, the Trump administration should not delay plans to implement a cutoff of federal funding to cities and states that have declared themselves to be “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens.  If those cities and states insist on actively defying U.S. law, acting as accomplices to millions of illegal aliens, there must be a price to pay.  All of those members of the Hollywood entertainment community who couldn’t help but sneak in a few anti-Trump digs as they accepted their awards on Oscar night will have to be taught a bit of humility.

According to estimates prepared by a California legislative committee, the State of California receives some $368 billion each year in federal support, 77% of which (some $283.4 billion) goes to individuals and corporations to cover the costs of Social Security, Medicare, defense contracts, federal civilian wages and salaries, military wages and salaries, veterans benefits, non-defense contracts, federal retiree benefits, etc.  The remaining $84.6 billion goes directly to state and local governments.  Presumably, it is that $84.6 billion that the Trump administration would  target.  So how would Californians respond?  Realizing that the IRS can’t put tens of thousands of wealthy Californians behind bars, what we might expect to see is mass avoidance of federal income taxes.  And how would the IRS respond to that?  More than likely the IRS would choose to levy penalties and interest on individual taxpayers.  And when the tax bills remained unpaid, the IRS would begin to attach bank accounts and to file liens on real property.

And finally, if money truly is the “mother’s milk” of politics, then George Soros and his Open Society Foundation are an entire dairy farm for the Democrat Party and every other radical left pressure group and anti-American organization on Earth.

Soros immigrated to the United States in 1956 and became a naturalized U.S. citizen on December 18, 1961.  A Hungarian Jew, Soros worked for the Waffen SS in Hungary during World War II, delivering eviction notices to Jewish businessmen and shopkeepers and helping the Nazis dispose of Jewish property and personal belongings.  Not only has he not expressed remorse for his role in dispossessing untold numbers of fellow Jews, many of whom later died in Nazi concentration camps, he has said in an interview that he considers the year he spent working for the Nazis in Budapest “the happiest time” of his life.

Just four years before Soros arrived in the U.S., another World War II refugee, 32-year-old Ukrainian Ivan Demjanjuk, arrived in New York with his wife and child.  The Demjanjuk’s lived in Indiana for a time but later settled in the Cleveland, Ohio, area where Demjanjuk worked as a diesel engine mechanic at a Ford Motor Company assembly plant.  He applied for citizenship

and became a naturalized U.S. citizen on November 14, 1958.  His story is an interesting one.

At the outbreak of World War II, while working as a tractor driver on a Ukrainian collective farm, Demjanjuk was drafted into the Soviet Army.  However, after being captured by German forces and sent to a POW camp, he and other Ukrainian prisoners, knowing that their lot in life would be far better in the German army than to be subjected to the cruelties of the Russian army, put on German uniforms and agreed to join forces with the Germans to fight the Russians.

Demjanjuk was transferred to a German POW camp at Sobibor, in occupied Poland, where he was assigned duty as a guard.  When the war ended and members of the enlisted ranks were disarmed and sent home, Demjanjuk took his family and sailed for New York.  However, in 1975, a Ukrainian newspaper published a list of names of ethnic Ukrainians living in the United States.  Demjanjuk’s name was on the list and it was only a matter of time before Nazi hunters compared that list to a list of names of those who had worked in Nazi concentration camps.

Demjanjuk’s U.S. citizenship was revoked for failure to disclose the nature of his service in the German army and he was deported to Israel for trial.  However, the Israeli court failed to convict him and he returned to Cleveland where he rejoined his wife and three children.  But the U.S. Government was not finished with him.  And although his citizenship was restored in 1998, the U.S. Department of Justice claimed new evidence was found against him and revoked his citizenship a second time in 2002.  However, when no country would accept him he remained in the U.S. until April 2, 2009, when Germany agreed to try him in a German federal court.

Demjanjuk, gravely ill, was taken from his home in Cleveland on a stretcher, transported to the airport by ambulance, and flown to Munich.  On July 13, 2011, 91-year-old John Demjanjuk was wheeled into a Munich courtroom where he was charged with having been an “accessory” to the murder of 27,900 Jewish prisoners in the Sobibor concentration camp.  He was found guilty on all counts and was sentenced to five years in prison.  He died on March 17, 2012, a free man, while awaiting an appeal of his conviction.

So the question arises: when is the last time someone reviewed George Soros’s citizenship application?  If Ivan Demjanjuk could be hounded to death because he failed to fully disclose his wartime experience as a prison guard in the German army, why was Soros given a pass for his role as a functionary of the Nazi Waffen SS?  Or did he simply lie about his wartime service?

As matters now stand, Trump’s most dangerous and implacable enemies are a “loose cannon” ex-president with delusions of grandeur and an aging international billionaire who hates America and its people and who will spend whatever it takes to do us harm.

Barack Obama and George Soros are the Bobbsey Twins of the “hate America” movement, and so long as they are free to do so they will do everything in their power to bring our great nation to its knees.  As liberals and Democrats accelerate their campaign to delegitimize the Trump presidency, let us hope that he will not hesitate to use the power and the influence of his office to rid the nation of those poisonous influences.

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