ACT for America: Strike Three, You’re Out!

This is my final report on ACT and Brigitte Gabriel. The 2030 hours conference on 1 Mar 2017 call with Brigitte at the helm was basically about me and how I have been exposing her faults (as told to me by numerous ACT Chapter leaders). Again I offered Brigitte or J. Craig to contact me and discuss issues before I published this piece but again no comment.

Per the ACT Chapter leaders:

  1. There were only about 50 chapter leaders on the call hosted by Brigitte out of an alleged 1000 chapter leaders (hum…) Either they don’t care or there are way fewer chapter leaders than reported.
  2. Brigitte strongly stated “Islam is dangerous and evil and she has never said Islam is peaceful and been hijacked. I strongly ask readers to find anywhere in which Brigitte call the whole of Islam evil.
  3.  Brigitte said the mosques in America are breeding grounds for terrorists and used my project ‘Mapping Sharia’ that revealed over 70% have violent materials and dangerous.
  4.  Brigitte kept saying she knew enemies of ACT are recording her call to the chapter leaders. I say so what, just give the honest truth about the message that ACT is putting out and then repeat it in public. Why not Brigitte?
  5.  Many of the chapter leaders were upset that Roy White was fired and Brigitte he would never be reinstated. I bet next conference call will have even less than 50.

Brigitte, I love you girl and have always respected you because I thought you informed everyone how Islam is a disease and cancer, then I find out it is all hot air. I challenge you to publicly tell the world that Islam the ideology is like a cancer, is evil and is dangerous. Also state that over 70% of mosques in America (of the 3000) are breeding grounds for terrorists as you stated on the conference call. My dear Brigitte you can have it both ways. Either Islam is satanic, evil, and dangerous and Americas number one enemy or as you say it is a religion of peace and has been hijacked. Which one? We all want to know.

Brigitte please clear up the following. Tell us why the American public especially your chapter leaders should pay for your Hollywood lifestyle. A very trusted friend provided the below information.

  • Gabriel lives in a $3 million, 10,000 sq ft home in Virginia Beach. The house was paid for on the backs of the grassroots donors.
  • Guy Rogers her former Executive Director went to attorney Greg Bergethon and complained that Brigitte was taking too much cash out of the organization for personal purposes  – e.g. for the mansion, and she was paying off her ex-husband.
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