‘A Day Without a Day Without’ Campaign

In joining the fun of a “Day Without” campaign I am starting a new “Day Without” campaign called “A Day Without a Day Without” campaign.

I know it is hard to imagine living a day without being reminded of the sensitivities and abuses faced by our perpetually aggrieved brethren but I am in desperate need of a “Day Without White Heterosexual Christian Guilt.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.57.44 PM.jpg

After my “A Day Without A Day Without” campaign I am proposing some additional “Day Without” campaigns to fill our annual calendars.

Please help me complete our 365 day schedule.

  1. A Day Without an Employer
    (Lets make this one a week or two just to really make the case)
  2. A Day Without White Guilt
  3. A Day Without LGBTQ Guilt
  4. A Day Without Global Warming Hoax
  5. A Day Without an Abortion
  6. A Day Without Liberals
  7. A Day Without Trump Hysteria
  8. A Day Without ISIS
  9. A Day Without Taxes

and my personal favorite…

10. A Day Without Craptek

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.04.39 PM.jpg

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire/fake news story by El Presidente originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.

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