First 98 of President Trump’s refugees have arrived, see where they went

The new fiscal year (2018) is now ten days old and we see that the first of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s and President Trump’s proposed 45,000 refugees have arrived!

According to Wrapsnet:

Top ethnic groups arriving in the group of 98 are from the DR Congo (25), Bhutan (21) and Somalia (16).  For our friends in Minnesota know this: the Somalis were distributed to Missouri, New Hampshire, Washington and Wisconsin, but, as you know, they can and often do move within months to be with larger groups of Somalis in Minnesota, Ohio and in San Diego.

NOTE: 26 of the 98 (34%) are Muslims if you count the 4 Ahmadiyya from Pakistan who went to Maryland.

Here is where the first 98 were placed:

Screenshot (947)

Screenshot (948)

States in light blue received refugees.

Top five refugee resettlement states are Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and New Hampshire.

Alaska and Hawaii received no refugees.


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Trump is by AP Photo/Alex Brando.

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