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Woman Hoping to Unseat Senator Susan Collins Instrumental in Keeping Female Genital Mutilation Legal in Maine

So Sara Gideon is the candidate the fake Republicans at the Lincoln Project are supporting?  See my post a week ago about how the Lincoln Project is pouring money into Maine to defeat Collins because she “has inadequately fought back against Trump.” True to form, so-called champions of women’s rights run in fear when Somali and Muslim groups generally […]

VIDEO: Transition Integrity Project Lays Out Strategy for Destroying America as We Know it

 They are working to “collapse America from within.”  It is a “political warfare document.”  “Know your enemy.” “Globalists letting Marxists and Islamists off the leash.” “Prepare!” Those are the words of Brannon Howse who takes apart for us the document published in August by the Transition Integrity Project which includes a group of players working to surround this […]

You Must Read ‘Insurrection and Violence’ a Citizens Guide

If you do nothing else today, this is the ‘must read’ you have been waiting for. (And, includes some of the things I have been saying in my ‘Rioting Leftists‘ series.) The 58-page guide authored by Rich Higgins and Stephen Coughlin and published by Unconstrained Analytics is a handbook for your survival and for the Nation’s survival […]

Biden’s Arab Plan: Bring in More and Protect them from Haters

That is the gist of the good part according to Arab-American observers, but his vague policy prescriptions for foreign policy relating to Arabs and Israel was too vague to get the full-throated support of Arab activists. From The New Arab: Biden’s ‘partnership plan’ receives mixed response from Arab-Americans The US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on […]

Democrats Continue Lies About So-Called Muslim Ban

As I have reported innumerable times recently at RRW, thousands of Muslims continue to enter the US from all over the world.  There is no Muslim ban. But, the Democrats are never hindered by the facts as John Binder points out about last nights Democrat infomercial (a.k.a. 2020 presidential convention). By the way, I’m busy these days […]

VIDEO: On the Slaughter of 5-Year Old Cannon Hinnant

Tucker first reported the dreadful story on Thursday night:  And, now here at RightScoop you can find his updated report from last night: Say His Name: Tucker & Nancy Grace take up Cannon Hinnant story; Why haven’t the media covered this story? What about it don’t they like?’ Cannon is a victim of the hate-filled racial tension […]

When “It” Comes to Your Neighborhood!

“It” in this case is Black Lives Matter thieves. What a coincidence… After posting earlier yesterday about being prepared!, last night I spent a largely unsuccessful hour searching for solar flood lighting with a motion sensor.  It needs to be bright, stay on for awhile, easy to put up, and here is the clincher for my husband—it cannot be made […]

President of Libertarian Think Tank Supports the Mob

Jerry Taylor, President of the Washington, DC Niskanen Center which is often described as left-libertarian (promoting an “open society”) tweeted in support of the mob in the case of the St. Louis homeowners who protected their home and property earlier this week from an Antifa mob that broke into a gated community headed to the home of St. Louis […]