Climate Not Cooperating: Global Temperatures Continue to Drop

It’s not easy to be a climate campaigner.  From Gore on down, their hysterical predictions never seem to come to pass.

If they didn’t play in a rigged game, they’d have no game at all.

Marc Morano compiles a host of their failed prophecies of doom-and-gloom over at CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service.

Make Climate Depot a regular destination as you read your daily news.  If you check in at the Depot right now, in fact, you’ll find a number of stories Marc has featured that debunk the global warming narrative left-wing groups are putting out today.

Marc shared a post from Britain’s Global Warming Policy Foundation that shows the most recent, official global temperature data from the U.K.  Take a look at the graph below.

Warming pressure groups, not surprisingly, shamelessly took advantage of the recent El Niño to proclaim warmer temperatures.  The part they inconveniently left out, however, was that the same thing happened in 1998 and periodically every so often back into time.  El Niños occur whether you drive a car, heat your home, use electricity … or not.  Now, as CFACT predicted on numerous occasions, temperatures are settling back down after the El Niño ended.  Surprise, surprise … not!

Marc shared another post from the Los Angeles Review of Books that gives quite the description of “news anchors in the rain” hyping Florida’s Hurricane Irma, but having a hard time justifying the hype with images of the actual storm.  Hurricanes can be devastating, as those in Puerto Rico know all too well, however, as you can also see from the graph below, temperatures have been varying in recent years far less than the climate crowd told us they would, far too little to account for the intensity of today’s storms.  Again, your SUV and refrigerator are not to blame for today’s weather whatsoever.

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