“For The Love of Zion”

On behalf of the world community of Zionists, I humbly express the gratitude of millions across the globe for the Chanukah present that has been courageously given to us by the President of the United States, hand-delivered into our hearts, with your formal declaration of America’s acknowledgement of our beloved Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.

This public proclamation stands unique in history and in the destiny of the Jewish People, united in the unity of Jerusalem, which for so long the Jews were denied presence at our holy sites, causing endless pain in our hearts; and where for so long the world denied our right as a People to choose and cherish our own capital, as if we were not worthy of the same right afforded to every other nation in the unfettered and untethered choice of its capital.

Mr. and Mrs. President, we honor your declaration as you have honored the deepest desires of our hurting hearts, now healing at this blessed holy season. Mrs. President, your serene stance with your husband in loving our State of Israel and its holy capital symbolizes the solidarity of all Zionists in their love of Jerusalem as the shining City of Gold in the Holy Land.

As the Jews have been commanded to be a light unto the nations, you have shined light onto Jerusalem as the Holy City of the Holy Land at this holy season. May our Creator give you light and lighten the burden you bear for mankind in this world in crisis.

As you have so blessed us, so shall you be blessed as world leaders and lovers of Zion.

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