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VIDEO: Children being poisoned with hate against Jews in refugee camp classroom

How tragic it is to see this video on the anniversary of the Wannsee (Final Solution) Conference held 80 years ago – decreeing the genocide of the Jewish People! Palestinian kids taught to hate Israel in UN-funded camps, clip shows New video footage appears to show Palestinian children in summer camps run by the United […]

What Does 2022 Hold in Store for our Greatest Generation of Floridians?

While many millions of Floridians and tourists from afar are celebrating the 2021 holiday season amongst family and friends, many thousands of Floridians are in lockdown terror inside of nursing home guardianships, wherein they are deprived of contacts and communications with the outside world, including their own spouses with whom scores of precious years were […]


In Judaism, 13 is a blessed number, as it is the age of accountability for boys to spiritually and ritually become men, taking on the responsibilities of an adult. 13 is momentous mindfulness, the beginning of a new life cycle. After 13 years of antisemitic persecution in South Florida’s Manatee County, our family was evicted […]

FLORIDA: The Real Fate of Childhood Sexual Abuse Whistle Blowers

If you doubt for a moment that whistleblowers on childhood sexual abuse, like Sarasota’s school resource officer Kimberly Whyley, are not retaliated against, you severely underestimate the indifference to predators by school administrators, clergy, law enforcement, judges, medical professionals, and others in positions of authority. You severely underestimate the appalling epidemic numbers of predators and […]

The Heartlands Three Pillars of Child Abuse

How many victims of childhood sexual abuse lived as the objects of sexual torture experiments funded and promoted by Indiana University’s Alfred Kinsey has never been revealed; but Kinsey is lauded unashamedly throughout the State of Indiana, with his victims never receiving compensation for their fears and tears and years of diabolical human experiments performed […]

Judicial Anti-Semitism Under The Color of Law

In the Holocaust, Jewish lawyers and judges were dragged out of courtrooms by Nazis during trials in public displays of anti-Semitism. Decades later, anti-Semitism in America’s courtrooms is displayed alternatively. I have personally witnessed the anti-Semitic decimation of the legacies of multiple Holocaust Survivor families. Case in point No. 1: In Sarasota, Florida, in 2018, […]

Florida’s Multi-System Failures and the broken ‘Baker Act’

Everyday in Florida, the sun does not shine on the multitudes involuntarily confined via the innocuous-sounding “Baker Act” … the multitudes of harmless elders, in particular. What can cause the sudden detention of an elderly man, 89 years old, inside a metropolitan Florida hospital mental ward? In the case of my Father, Al Katz was […]

“For The Love of Zion”

On behalf of the world community of Zionists, I humbly express the gratitude of millions across the globe for the Chanukah present that has been courageously given to us by the President of the United States, hand-delivered into our hearts, with your formal declaration of America’s acknowledgement of our beloved Jerusalem as the capital of […]

Child Abuse in Indiana: Pray or Prey?

It’s not a pretty picture, as they say. No, I retract that. It’s a hideous, odious picture of a Midwestern capital that shuts its eyes to child abuse and trafficking, shuts its eyes, closes its doors to victims, and slams its doors against mandatory reporters like teachers. Years ago, CPS, in an Indianapolis suburb, would […]

Black Lies Matter

Except in the world of theology possibly, black lies and white lies mean a world of difference.  Except in the world of theology possibly and in the world of political reality, black lies and white lies, as we were taught to differentiate between these two broad classification schemes, lie worlds apart from each other. As […]

‘Thou Shalt Not Speak…’

Not to bear false witness is the Ninth Biblical Commandment, and for journalists it should be the first; yet, 10 words used daily and even hourly by the media have for decades permeated the written and spoken word, all of them patently false: “settlers” “Palestine” “West Bank” “died” “attacker” “Palestinians” “occupied territories” “refugee camps” “settlements” […]

Marijuana’s Money Trail: Four Billionaires

“Marijuana-Free Florida” presents the fourth in a series of public forums against the constitutional amendment to permanently expand the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida to be held from 5:00 until 8:00 PM on September 26 at The Al Katz Center, 5710 Cortez Road, in the Cortez Commons shopping center. The following […]