Survey: NFL Is America’s Most Unpopular Sports Brand

A recent study shows the controversial National Anthem protests may have resulted in long-term damage to the National Football League’s brand.

The Winston Group Sports Survey found the NFL was rated “unfavorable” by 38% of respondents, the highest among major sports organizations for the third straight month. By comparison, Major League Baseball received an “unfavorable” response from only 15%.

According to the survey:

The NFL had been competitive, but since the kneeling controversy it fell significantly behind, and this survey continues to demonstrate that trend.

Furthermore, the NFL scored particularly poorly with older males (45% “unfavorable”) and the Winston Group noted the newest numbers might indicate “a settling-in process for the new brand standing of the NFL with the public.”

However, the survey was conducted November 29-30 as the NFL was announcing what appeared to be a pay-off of 89 million to the so-called Players Coalition and “social justice” organizations. Given the NFL Players Association’s historic financial support for George Soros related groups, it is likely these monies could be funneled to more leftist activists and  public opinion metrics will continue plunge, especially among conservatives..

Several advertisers like Anheuser-BuschDirecTV, and Papa John’s have indicated they are concerned with their companies’ association with the NFL brand.

It is becoming more and more clear that the NFL may be unable to reverse the damage caused by the National Anthem protests and could be facing huge public opinion problems, and losses of advertising dollars for that matter.

Reach out to the NFL and let them know why conservatives give the league an “unfavorable” rating because of the disrespectful anthem protests.

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