Republican tax plan will kill you and destroy the planet

The Mayans were wrong. The world didn’t end in 2012, but it will end before 2018 because of a human catastrophe that not even the ancient Mayans saw coming – Donald Tr*mp.

Tr*mp is such a bumbling amateur politician that he’s actually keeping his campaign promises! Of course, this only further proves his underlying character flaws and mental instability which make him unfit to be the leader of the once free world.

Of all the promises he’s had the temerity to keep, none has been more destructive than his plan of “tax relief” for the wealthiest Americans. So much could be said, but let’s focus on the two worst aspects of how tax relief is bad for the middle class, bad for America, and bad for the planet.

First, more Americans will be allowed to keep more of what they’ve been conditioned by Fox “News” to perceive as their money. Never mind for now the ethical and moral issues of robbing the government, even though that’s one inevitable outcome, but think of what will happen if more Americans have more access to more money.

Americans will engage in riskier behaviors that they otherwise couldn’t afford like skydiving. When Obama was president, fewer Americans could skydive which meant fewer innocent people were at risk of being crushed by a falling octogenarian celebrating his 80th birthday. But now all that’s about to change. Unbiased studies indicate that over 1.3 million children are at risk every day of being struck by just such a human meteor, most of them underprivileged minorities, women, and transgendered.

More Americans will be put to work as paid wage slave laborers completely at the mercy of their corporate overlords who will demand punctuality and performance in order to get a “raise”. For each American put to work, there is one less American who will have the opportunity to discover the benefits of unemployment, to realize one’s artistic ability, to discover the cure for cancer. Such a loss hurts all of us.

But most affected will be Earth Mother. Unbelievably, there is going to be a reduction in corporate tax rates! As if it wasn’t bad enough that more money wrung from the bleeding lips of the widows and orphans goes into the coffers of large corporations. No, now there will be more corporations polluting our air and our water until Climate Change obliterates our globe. Again, women and minorities will be the most severely impacted by the destruction of our earth.

Perhaps Tr*mp’s removal of Climate Change from the list of national security threats could be excused by his low IQ, but no more. Now we see that he has ingeniously conspired with Russians and corporate CEOs to wreck the planet while he enjoys a cigar, plays a round of golf, and laughs maniacally.

Of course we should impeach Trump for his crimes against humanity, especially women and minorities, but with the passage of this tax bill, it may be too late.

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by Komissar al-Blogunov originally appeared in The Peoples Cube.

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  1. JD Repuublican
    JD Repuublican says:

    The democrats in the house and senate should be ashamed of themselves. I just hope that the employees receiving bonuses and the companies that are awarded contracts because of the new investments due to the tax plan realize that without President Trump and the Republicans there would be no bonuses or tax cuts or large investments. Spread the word, so far more than $415 million has been pledged to employee bonuses, $400 million in charity donations to non-profit organizations, company increase in minimum wage to their workers of $1.50 per hour or a pay increase of $3k per year, and capital spending and investments of more than $50 billion with a B. Thank you Comcast, AT&T, Sinclair Broadcasting, 5/3rd Bank, and BofA for having the spine to announce that due to the Republican tax cuts you are able to invest in infrastructure, increase donations, and invest in your employees. All this without a single democrat supporting the measure of tax cuts. It appears that the dems can only say what they do not want and without a bobblehead like obama, they are unable to have an original thought of their own. They didn’t even have an alternative proposal to the Republican tax cuts. The left needs to know that we will not let them win. We have to be vigilant and attempt to help them see the light as their leadership only sees the sky falling even though it appears to be raining GOLD right now. If you agree, please share…


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