Bill Kristol Discovers His Inner Comrade

Bill Kristol posted that he has embraced his Inner Socialist.

Kristol is a political analyst and commentator, and the founder and editor-at-large of the The Weekly Standard.

He is also one of Obama’s favorite “conservatives.” He and Obama broke bread at the home of syndicated columnist George Will. Among the guests were Bill Kristol, New York Times columnist David Brooks (“I know Obama will be a great President by the crease in his pants“), and Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post.

Never Trumper Bill Kristol has finally admitted publicly what we knew to be true all along – he’s a prog.

In fact, he is a prog with a multiple inner-comrades syndrome. According to his recent Tweet, “The GOP tax bill’s bringing out my inner socialist. The sex scandals are bringing out my inner feminist. Donald Trump and Roy Moore are bringing out my inner liberal. WHAT IS HAPPENING?”

Inner Socialist.png
Don’t worry, comrade Kristol. In progressive psychiatry, everyone is allowed to have one or more inner comrades (as long as they comply with Party-approved diversity quotas for oppressed minorities). This way you can speak the Current Truth™ on any given day without ever contradicting yourself due to the abundance of inner comrades with varying opinions.Rude Trump supporter.png
At least one of Kristol’s inner comrades happens to be an “unembarrassedly old-fashioned” Marxist and a member of the internationalist ruling elite, who is shocked by the “vulgar” idea that an American president would proclaim America First:

America First.png
Will The Weekly Standard now be renamed The Weekly Double Standard?

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by Antonio Salazarinski originally appeared in The Peoples Cube. 

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