Michelle and Barack Obama: Their Unofficial Portraits

The presidential portrait: Weird, but fitting for a narcissist-in-chief

Demonstrating once again a serious deficit of seriousness, almost alone in taking himself seriously, as most people won’t any longer, Barack Hussein Obama unveiled two portraits of himself and his wife.

One cannot help but be reminded that these two works of industrial design barely adequate for a Hallmark card embarrassingly look like cartoons painted on high-grade canvas. Wholly improperly conceived as either serious art or dignified enough to be hung along the row of presidents similarly honored in the corridors of the White House, not only do we see in these mind-numbingly tasteless works a deficit in seriousness, but we see an absence of cultural depth.

Americans mock Obama portrait with side-splitting memes

A day after the unveiling of the official portrait of former President Obama, who is depicted sitting in a chair positioned amid a wall of bushes, Twitter is having an amusing laugh at the expense of the 44th president’s portrayal.

The social-networking site exploded Tuesday with humorous memes inspired by the portrait that’s set to be displayed at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Obama “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.”

Obama “Here Comes Homer!”

Obama “Reefer Heaven”.

Obama “I spy” on Trump!

What do YOU think? Sound off on Barack Obama’s official portrait

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire first appeared on The Peoples Cube and World Net Daily.

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