New Video: The Clarity Tool

Here’s a new video of a recent 10xTalk I gave on communication, titled “The Clarity Tool: How to Think About, Clarify, and Solve Your Biggest Problems.” In the speech, delivered at an event by Genius Network, I introduce the audience to a tool I developed to dramatically increase people’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively. You can download the Clarity Tool at the 10xTalk website.

Here’s their summary of the speech’s highlights:

  • Alex talks about the four aspects of a proper knowledge system that facilitates human flourishing
  • The #1 key to effectively communicating with other people and becoming more influential
  • Extreme Clarity: A 3-step process for persuasively getting your ideas across and increasing your credibility
  • How understanding and presenting opposing arguments can make your arguments stronger
  • Alex walks you through a fascinating step-by-step thinking tool that can transform your business and life

I hope you’ll check out the Clarity Tool and let me know what you think.

A climate lawsuit meets a climate thinker

There was a really interesting development in Oakland and San Francisco’s climate lawsuit against Chevron and several other fossil fuel companies. According to Bloomberg, Judge William Alsup has said that the parties to the lawsuit have to “prepare 10-page legal analyses on whether a century of American dependence on fossil fuels was worth the global warming it caused. . . .

“‘We needed oil and fossil fuels to get from 1859 to the present,’ said Alsup, 72, who hosted a five-hour climate-change tutorial in March. ‘Yes, that’s causing global warming. But against that negative, we need to weigh-in the larger benefits that have flowed from the use of fossil fuels. It’s been a huge, huge benefit.’”

As I regularly point out, the only way to make good decisions about our energy choices is to look at the full context: at the pros and the cons of our different options. Today’s near universal narrative that fossil fuels are ruining the planet depends on being biased and only looking at the alleged negative impacts of fossil fuels while ignoring the enormous positives.

Judge Alsup should be congratulated for demanding a clear, unbiased account in this case. Hopefully courts in other climate lawsuits will follow his lead.

Job opportunities at a new energy group

Our friends at Life:Powered, an energy project of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, are hiring!

Check out these openings for a policy analyst and a project coordinator.


“Alex’s engaging and thought-provoking talk, presented eloquently with a sprinkling of humor, was a firm favorite among many of our delegates. Alex has a talent for employing formal logic in such a way as to create a climate of mutual understanding regardless of your position on fossil fuels, which is a powerful tool for diminishing bias and hearsay. He is an outstanding addition to any energy-related agenda.” Michelle Edge, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Energy Disruptors

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