VIDEO: Multiple Former MSNBC Hosts Fundamentally Transform Into Democrat Party Political Operatives

President Donald J. Trump has been critical of the main stream media. He has called much of their journalism “fake news.” He and others have pointed out a bias in the media toward the ideals of the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee.

QUESTION: What happens when award winning hosts of MSNBC leave their jobs?

ANSWER: They start organizations that begin recruiting “House candidates with working-class backgrounds” for the Democratic Party.

Krystal Marie Ball

Krystal Marie Ball was a co-host on the MSNBC’s afternoon news/talk show “The Cycle” from June 2012 to July 2015. Ball was named co-host of The Hill’s Morning Show in February 2018. Hill is also the founder of People’s House Project (PHP) with the mission of “ensuring the Democrats are elected in Appalachia, the Heartland, and in areas Democrats usually do not win.” PHP is a hybrid PAC dedicated to electing working- and middle-class candidates to the House of Representatives.

Watch Ball’s February 2018 interview with Egberto Willies:

Melissa Harris-Perry

Former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, who was a colleague of Ball’s, has also jointed People’s House Project. Harris-Perry left MSNBC under a cloud. The Washington Post in a column titled “The ugliness of Melissa Harris-Perry’s departure from MSNBC” By Erik Wemple noted:

In the case of former host Melissa Harris-Perry’s departure from MSNBC, however, an anomaly is afoot. MSNBC recently announced its “parting” of ways with the host after she announced her intention not to sit in the anchor chair last weekend over concerns that the network had effectively taken away her editorial control. Her concerns took root in an extensive email that left little room for conciliation, saying at one point that “I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head.” Just yesterday afternoon, the two sides clashed in settlement negotiations over a non-disparagement clause. Having failed to come to an agreement, Harris-Perry felt fully empowered to speak about her experiences at MSNBC today with the Erik Wemple Blog. And MSNBC rebutted her claims on the record.

Melissa Harris-Perry serves as editor-at-large of and a contributing editor at The Nation.

What’s interesting is that given the #MeToo movement Krystal Ball was involved in a sexy photo scandal while at MSNBC. Watch this 2010 report by The Young Turks:

It appears MSNBC is a recruiting ground for journalists who fundamentally transform into political activists.

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