The Deep State vs. The Dark State

The FBI IG Report recently presented to Congress demonstrates that the wheels for opening the gates to clean-out the swamp are very rusty but are intermittingly turning; albeit, ever so slightly like the rusty and nearly frozen wheels they are. Some movement is being made in D.C. but sorely much, much less than the predominant majority of Americans could have ever imagined. No longer are there clear and historical examples of Republicans v Democrats. What has become evident is a quickly widening chasm separating those who proclaim and un-hesitantly support the constitutional principles of limited government with respect toward the individual and State sovereignty based on our Judeo-Christian Foundation and values against all others who are aligning with Social Marxism, and the removal of our constitutional heritage and values.

There is a difference between the “Deep State” and the “Dark State.”

The “Deep State” adherents are the long-serving entrenched bureaucrats who are key to making the engine of government function. Presidents come and go, but those in the “Deep State” are 15, 20 and longer in year’s entrenched mid-level managers and upper level managers to which paper work and duties of carrying out the decisions and proclamations of a president must go to be enacted. They sit in very key cubicles and corner offices having worked their way up by knowing how to get along to go along, and to NOT rock the boat of the “Deep State” loyalists who, in many ways, are hand chosen just for such entrenchment. They can effectively misplace paperwork. They can send critical paperwork and files down a very wrong path which will take weeks, if not months, to discover and retrieve. They have an almost unlimited amount of experience gumming up the process of making government ineffective. It requires strong and decisive leaders as Presidential Appointees placed in very strategic positions to compensate for these almost incomprehensible incompetents; which, some are, and many are simply bureaucrats with no skin in the game, and no concept of what is taking place outside the District of Columbia and accompanying commuter communities like Alexandria, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland to simply name two. Worse…they don’t care what is taking place across the fruited plains.

So…to be clear, the “Deep State” are the very cunning, most screwed and adept managers of keeping all things just as they are, with little to no advancement, and with no one ever becoming wiser. The “Deep State” most senior members are those who actually participate in the briefings to presidential candidates, thereby getting a good close-up assessment of the potential new boss. These close-up meetings actually also allow for decisions to be formulated as to just how much, how deep, and how detailed the information they are to share once a president moves into the Oval. From the late 1990’s the “Deep State” actually became more “in charge” than the public would ever know. This is but another reason the “Deep State” is so intent upon getting rid of Donald Trump. He clearly is not part of the cabal, and Trump represents a massive bomb going off blowing the carefully scripted plans all these years up! They want their power back, and don’t care how they go about it…even if it means coordinating a coop to vacate the Oval Office of the current occupant!

The members of the “Dark State” are a different animal; although, they, too, have gummed-up the effective workings of government to accomplish their goals and agendas; namely, to collapse the United States into the New-World Order, the Global community which will be hedonistic and communistic in style and belief, and worse! The members of this diabolical state are many whose names you are acquainted with; the Clintons, Obamas, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Mueller, with a list very long, and many within the list not named in publications often. The list does not exclude Republicans, with many on the Republican side like, McConnell, McCain, Romney, Paul Ryan, examples…and include the Bush Family to this list along with still many others who have adopted the global community goal.

The silent coup that continues some 18 months after Mr. Trump’s election is an example of the crisis our Nation faces, but many are placing a spin on the subject. The entire Russian collusion was a product of the Dark State within the intelligence community as well as the State Department working hand-in-hand to defeat, and now Impeach a properly elected President of the United States who was NEVER a member of the Dark State, and who represents all the opposite the Dark State stands for and has been implementing since Reagan. The combining of our Nation’s intelligence agencies along with cooperation from the Department of Justice and the State Department, with coordination coming from the White House is breathtaking, scary, and unprecedented on many levels. The fact that members of the Dark State are still influencing the appointments to serve in key positions for the President is simply one example of how deep and tangled the swamp truly has become. The ruining of lives and careers, finances and families is another example. The ability to develop sophisticated files and manufactured evidence, and then have almost the entire so-called journalist corps blindly and dutifully report and regurgitate such made-up lies is still another example of just how far reaching the Dark State network has evolved. The Department of Justice is so compromised that the IG Report submitted to Congress was a truly BIG DEAL, and enigma. The report is a disappointment given the grave condition of the FBI and DOJ.

The Attorney General is in over his head.

He is a nice and sincere guy, a manager but not a leader. The position was offered to him after Rudy Giuliani refused to accept. There was no question that Jeff Sessions was loyal to Trump, and really to this day remains so. He is simply the wrong guy in a terribly key position, and is in over his head. Compromised…most likely not. Sobered and even scared to piss off the wrong people and show up not healthy, most likely that hypothesis has more merit. The entire DOJ including FBI is compromised by a trilogy of Dark State, Deep State, and members of the Islamic Movement. The entire DOJ structure needs to be cleaned out boldly. Sessions cannot accomplish this, he is not the leader that is needed for such a massive and far-reaching operation as such. A manager, yes; but a leader who can clean the swamp at DOJ, no! Now I would not want to challenge Mark Levin…I really like him and respect his knowledge, brains, and network of friends. So Levin claims Session has been “black mailed” I will not argue. But I also submit my aforesaid statement for your consideration.

We are observing two America’s colliding within the borders of the United States of America.

While sharing insights is still a much needed work, far more so is the preparing of people as to who shall they serve? Shall they serve God or Man? Shall they be loyal to the Judeo-Christian principles our Nation was founded upon, and submit (cooperate) with God’s Law or will they succumb to Man-made doctrine comprised of humanistic and diabolical schemes and dark values? Does America move closer to the God who inspired her, and for which our Founders acknowledged in so many ways, or the seductive Marxist doctrines steadily seeping into our schools, churches, social structure and government? Sitting and listening to speakers entertain is NOT working. People get up from such meetings and return to their life-styles with no action plan, no support systems, and no leadership willing to restore our American principles. Reminding citizens of the profound reasons our Nation was so conceived is more critical today than at any time in our history. People simply are uneducated about how and why America is exceptional (not perfect or without blemish) among ALL nations except Israel. Trump is attempting to make America Great Again because we are unique, and this contributes to why the “Deep State” hates him so.

So…”Deep State” or “Dark State” both entities represent deep states of rebellion. Mr. Trump truly needs the prayers of We the People to accomplish what he was elected to perform – Make America Great Again!


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