Failed American Intelligence

Offence is the best defense—this was the slogan and policy of the Soviet apparatchiks taught by Stalin. Never admit the crime committed, but accuse the opposition in that exact crime. We, the former Soviet citizens, knew the policy very well watching it for many years. This policy helped the Soviet system to survive for a hundred years, and under Putin’s leadership the current apparatchiks are flourishing in Russia today. Yes, nothing substantial has changed in Russia. The KGB is still running the country with a crony capitalism instead of failed socialism. That’s it. The agenda is still the same—One World Government Under Kremlin’s rule and for Putin to be a President of the world…

The Democrat Party is the No. 1 Enemy of America

The weeks after the Helsinki Trump/Putin Summit were full of Trump criticism, yet I decided not to participate in the hysteria but wait. Then I saw a vocal Trump critic, Brennon, tweet and it became clear to me: the former CIA Director was manipulating Americans through the politics of fear—a typical policy of the Soviet apparatchiks, a coordinated attack against President Trump, accusing him guilty of treason—offence is the best defense. It was a familiar to me hateful, vicious response of the Soviet apparatchiks guilty of that exact crime, accusing the leader of opposition in treason in the best traditions of Stalinist personal destruction. Judge for yourself:

“Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you?”  11:52 AM – Jul 16, 2018  Addressing Republicans he is taking a position of the Democrats, who are outraged with Trump behavior… Please, pay attention to the hateful and vicious manner of speech—it is not only Soviet tactics; it is also Soviet handwriting and script.

Moreover, the entire Socialist Mafia and media executed the same play-book, warning us a by hundred different voices about the treason committed by President Trump. We have two Socialists: a Trojan Horse Bernie Sanders and a new big mouth Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Both are very well drilled. The collaboration of the media and Socialist mafia doesn’t surprise me—the Soviet media has always promoted the Socialist ideology, it was a requirement of the Soviet Socialist Law. I hope you have already read my column describing Socialist Mafia in America. If not, you can read it now.  I am not alone thinking this way. Listen to a former CIA station Chief Daniel Hoffman:

“A former CIA station chief says that former CIA Director John Brennan “is doing Putin’s bidding” by publicly attacking and speculating about President Donald Trump. In an article at Cipher Brief, a national security website, CIA veteran Daniel Hoffman says that Brennan’s recent remarks play right into Putin’s hands. As a former KGB officer and director of its successor, the FSB, Putin’s weapons of choice for this covert campaign are espionage, and influence operations that target our political differences to weaken and divide us,” writes Hoffman. He argues that Putin “knows what makes our society tick” and understands that “the best way to spoil our democratic process is to link it with a touch of conspiracy, i.e. to the Kremlin.” BRENNAN IS ‘DOING PUTIN’S BIDDING’ WITH ANTI-TRUMP RHETORIC, SAYS FORMER CIA STATION CHIEF, The Daily Caller, Chuck Ross 04/05/2018

I trust this knowledgeable officer, who spent five years working in Moscow. I don’t trust American media and Socialist Mafia that coordinated vicious attacks against President Trump—it is too similar to the brainwashing policy of Soviet fascism—accusing Trump in treason while the crime was committed by another party—offence is the best defense. Perhaps, President Trump made a mistake confusing the DNC hacking and Russian meddling in the 2016 election—it has been his mistake that was exaggerated by the opposition to Pearl Harbor, Christel Night, and 9/11, making Trump the enemy of America. In reality, it is another party, the Democrat Party, which is the No. One enemy of America that collaborated with Russia for decades.

President Trump insisted he has been tough on Russia, describing former President Barack Obama as a “patsy” for the Kremlin. “Obama didn’t do it,” Trump told CNBC in an interview at the White House. “Obama was a patsy for Russia. A total patsy.”  “There’s been no president ever as tough as I have been on Russia.” He said and he is right: his actions and policy are louder than words. I don’t know whether the word “patsy” identifies completely the reality, I’d like to call a spade a spade—Stalin’s Socialism in America, which I named Soviet Fascism, the ideology that the Democrats’ leadership now adhere to.

Do you remember Obama’s open transformation of America’s political system left to us by our Founding Fathers to Socialism? Obamacare was a carbon copy of the socialist medicine implemented to destroy our medical system and create a chaos in the country, if not a total bankruptcy of the American Republic. President Trump is serving our country much better than his predecessor, who with the help of Socialist Mafia was implementing Socialism on our soil by deceiving Americans and marketing a cosmetic version of Socialism to fool you.  Obama is lying in the best traditions of Stalinist Political Correctness, covering up the horror of the real Communism/Socialism, vividly described by myself and Dr. Kengor:

“Too many young Americans are supporting communism. Millennials prefer socialism to capitalism, and 25 percent have a positive view of Lenin. One in four Americans believe that George W. Bush killed more people than Josef Stalin. And 69 percent of Millennials would vote for a socialist for president. They ought to know better. Communism is the most dangerous idea in world history, producing dire poverty, repression, and carnage wherever it has been tried. And no wonder—because communism flatly denies morality, human nature, and basic facts. But it’s always going to be different this time.” The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism by Dr. Paul Kengor, 2017.

I agree, it is going to be different this time, because we have President Trump and brave and knowledgeable Republicans like Rep. Davin Nunes, Bob Goodlatte, and other Republicans who are bringing the Truth to the surface. The Truth was buried by Obama in cahoots with the weaponized top of American Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies, now under investigation. It was buried to cover-up the crime committed by the “criminal cabal” of the Obama admin. When speaking about upcoming November election and the Democrats, Rep .Nunes correctly said: “One-hundred percent, they are putting all their chips on the Republicans losing the House and all these investigations will shut down.” He is right.

As I repeated many times—Knowledge is Power and unfortunately, knowledge of Russia and its Intel is dangerously low among Republicans like Paul Ryan to confront the “criminal cabal” sufficiently and effectively. How does Ryan know that the actions of Rod J. Rosenstein don’t match High Crime & Misdemeanors? I have just the opposite opinion. Paul Ryan undermined the Republicans in the House. They also failed to go on offence and expose the Democrats for what they really are. And now we are dealing with the united forces of the Democrat leadership and Putin’s KGB confronting the Trump administration, President Trump personally, and his entire family. The Democrats are really the enemy of the American Republic, left to us by our Founding Fathers…

Failed American Intelligence

Our Intel had been paralyzed for several decades.  Writing about the destruction of our Intelligence and Security Apparatus for many years, I also repeated those main ideas, giving you a free functioning anti-American Socialist Mafia in the column published in this e-magazine on July 13, 2018, three days before the Trump/Putin press conference in Helsinki.  Russian interference is not a matter of dispute, it has been going on for a hundred years. That is the reason I am focusing on the anti-American Socialist Mafia that has been coordinated by the KGB since 1969. I am writing about that interference for thirty years and I know that the FBI blocked information about my writings for this particular reason to prevent the public to know the Truth. The absence of the Truth benefits only the Russian interest not the American one. And that fact once more confirms the successful KGB’s information-operation currently intact in America…

I completely agree with President Donald Trump and his assessment of the Obama weaponized Intelligence. He said that he respected the intelligence agencies but not the former prominent figures who made their careers by criticizing his presidency and continue defending it by accusing Trump of the exact crime they themselves committed.

“It’s been terrible,” Trump told CBS anchor Jeff Glor, citing the names of former CIA director John Brennan, former director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, Former Director of the National Security Agency Michael Hayden, former FBI director James Comey, as well as prominent FBI agents Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok.

The president responded to a question from Glor about whether or not he felt that former intelligence agents were “out to get him.” Trump said that he had difficulty trusting their judgement, as they stood vehemently against him. Donald Trump: No Confidence in Intelligence Led by Brennan, Clapper, Comey, BritBart, 18 Jul 2018

I was glad that President Trump mentioned the name of Michael Hayden—he is the man responsible for President George W. Bush seeing the soul in Putin’s eyes. Putin’s soul? It doesn’t exist. What a shame for the Intel! Yet, it is important to preserve the history of the shame to be able to learn from it.  Unfortunately, not only Intel was suffering a lack of knowledge pertaining to Russia. Look at the Senate Democrats, some of them remind me the Soviet “gorlopans,” people who have big mouths and little grey matter. Listening to Senators Warren, Gillibrand, and Blumenthal, I wonder how they got to the US. Senate, what do they know about Russia? I know how Mark Warner did it, skillfully crafted the similarity of his name to the well-known former Republican Senator John Warner, a knowledgeable and smart Senator. Socialists are inextricably connected to Fraud.

The other Soviet “gorlopan,” who defends Obama’s administration is New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. She was fooling you for many years in New York. When Gillibrand had to face a more conservative electorate, she claimed she opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants and held an A+ rating from the establishment gun group, the National Rifle Association. But now she has declared that the first thing Democrats should do if they take back Congress is abolish ICE. Do you remember the agenda of Soviet Socialism, I named Soviet fascism—destruction of the American Republic. Abolishing ICE is a direct road to achieving that. Please remember: all Socialists are deceiving you to have your votes, they are all inextricably connected to Fraud. Read my columns and books, educate yourself about Socialism. Alan West counted seventy Socialist in our Congress, I believe there are more than that.

There are Socialists in the House: Keith Ellison, a Muslim Representative from Minnesota and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, chastised Amazon for allowing “hateful merchandise” to be sold on its website. Though he specified concerns about “neo-nazis and white nationalist writers,” his opening paragraph referring to SPLC-designated “hate groups” should be cause for alarm. “The second in command of the Democratic National Committee wants Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to allow the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify “hate speech!” Ellison boldly endorses the SPLC as a “reliable, unbiased arbiter of what is and isn’t a hate group.” However, the SPLC is being challenged in court for tagging groups with broad support such as the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council with the “hate group” label. This is due to those groups’ opposition to abortion, advocacy for traditional marriage, and other conservative causes.” Deputy Chairman of DNC Wants Amazon to Ban “Hate Crime” Books – But Not Muslim Brotherhood, American Liberty Report. July 2018

Please, read the recent founding of the Daily Caller:

The FBI has an ongoing relationship with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported.

The SPLC once placed HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list,” before backing down and removing him four months later.

The SPLC also works with Amazon, Twitter, Google and Facebook in their efforts to police their platforms.

The SPLC’s work has been plagued by inaccuracies and the group paid out a $3.3 million settlement in April. Peter Hansen reported, 7-28-2018.

Another fraud is just before your eyes. We know today that there were three versions of the Trump/Dossier from three different sources. It is possible, but it doesn’t change the essence and fraudulent concept of the Dossier. When I saw it in 2017, it took me only a couple of seconds to recognize a Russian Fallshivka—a fraud and typical KGB fake product. I reacted to the Dossier immediately, writing and analyzing my impression. The word Dossier is coming from Napoleonic Code of the Russian Law. I can repeat my conclusion testifying under the oath or to the lie detector. Any former Soviet citizens will recognized the Trump/Dossier as the KGB product at once. Read my analyses of the Trump/Dossier: The Global Spy Ring, January 1, 2018, “So we now find out that it was indeed the unverified and Fake Dirty Dossier that was paid for by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC, that was knowingly & falsely submitted to FISA and which was responsible for starting the totally conflicted and discredited Mueller Witch Hunt!” 6:30 AM – Jul 23, 2018  I would insist—the Trump/Dossier is the Russian Fallshivka, a product of the KGB.  No experts of our Intel identified the fraud, moreover, the FBI used it as a legitimate document, spying against President Trump. What a shame! Using the term KGB, I mean the entire Russian Intel—it is a collective image, the reason for that is those three letters are familiar to vast majority of Americans.

The Andropov Legacy in America

Yuri Andropov

The recent action of our Law Enforcement reminded me even more of the Soviet Government: President Donald Trump blasted the federal government and one of his former attorneys Saturday morning for using “perhaps illegal” means to delegitimize his presidency. “Inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer’s office (early in the morning) – almost unheard of. Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client – totally unheard of & perhaps illegal,” Trump wrote in a tweet. And Trump is right again: it is his private life years prior to his presidency. What had happened is a typical KGB information-operation on American land–Obama’s socialist legacy where private life belongs to the State.

As a former Soviet defense attorney, I can testify that even in the Soviet Union the attorney/client privilege had existed: it did not guarantee you winning of the case, yet I tried and won some cases. But… in America a lawyer taping a private conversation with a client and now the entire world can see it and get involved!? I called it Sovietization of America and had given you many other examples of ideological similarity with the Soviets in my books and columns. Yet, there is a menacing sign of this similarity–Lanny Davis as a Cohen lawyer. Lanny Davis has been a member of the Clinton Mafia for a long time. Please remember my identification of the Controlled Opposition, I have learned it being a Soviet attorney within the legal community at the time of Yuri Andropov as the KGB Chairman. Controlled Opposition means having a spy who is acting within the real opposition party, who behaves as the forces controlling him command. Considering this, I expect that Mr. Cohen will be a toy in the hand of the Socialist Mafia and Democrat’s leadership to attack President Trump. Knowledge is Power.

Being a former Soviet attorney, I know the corrupt Soviet Socialist System and the methods and tricks it operates on. Living in and learning my adapted country, America, it became obvious to me where the social changes were coming from. Yes, all of that has begun in 1969 by the Andropov/Clinton conspiracy, which continued by Obama/Putin Alliance before your eyes during the last decade. I dedicated many pages to Yuri Andropov, the KGB Chairman 1967-1982. Those fifteen years of his tenure, I served as a defense attorney within the legal community that discussed Andropov all those years. I know Yuri Andropov better than any other chairmen of the KGB and consider him the third ideologue after Lenin and Stalin. It was Andropov who thought globally, and glued the ideology to the Russian Intelligence forever. He is the person who designed the massive infiltration of the KGB agents to the American soil. Here is a description of Andropov’s personality by another KGB General:

“In 1972 the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S. As KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov told me a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America that could a few millions. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for Jews throughout the Islamic world, and to turn this weapon of the emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter the United States. No one within the American/Zionist sphere of influence should any longer feel safe.  (“Russian Footprints,” by Ion Mihai Pacepa, National Review Online, August 24, 2008.)

General Pacepa wrote in the same article: “According to Andropov… the Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism, and victimology. Their illiterate, oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch. Terrorism and violence against Israel and her master, American Zionism, would flow naturally from the Muslims’ religious fervor, Andropov sermonized.” What can better confirm my term Soviet Fascism than those words? They summarized my entire writings. Now you have Andropov’s portrait and I remind you again that under him the infiltration into Western civilization had tripled or quadrupled. Under his watch occurred the bloodiest terrorists’ attacks in the world, from the Munich murder of Israelis in the Olympic Village to the Johnstown tragedy in America.

I called Andropov a conduit between Stalin and Vladimir Putin—who is a devoted disciple of both. Andropov came to power in 1967 and without the truth about Andropov/Clinton conspiracy we have never exposed the crime committed against the American Republic by the “criminal cabal” of our security apparatus and Democrats. If Stalin had the ideas to destroy America, Andropov worked out the strategy and tactics for the KGB of how to achieve that destruction. He had a monumental plan, designed and aimed at the destruction of American capitalism totally through infiltration of the American Media and the security apparatus, transforming both from within into something resembling the Soviet media and KGB, subordinated to the top ideological leadership. Recall now, how our coordinated mainstream media attacked in unison Trump and how often Obama spoke against Law Enforcement to make it obedient to his ideology of Socialism. Andropov’s design has “achieved” a great deal…

For the last nine years, I was writing about Obama/Putin Alliance and the attempt to implement the corrupt system of Soviet Socialism in America, which I named Soviet Fascism. There is no need to repeat the deeds of Obama/Putin Alliance, and remind you about some bad actors, they were described in Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016. The current book of Jerome Corsi Killing the Deep State is continuing to expose the Obama/Putin Alliance and those bad actors. Look for the recent book by Gregg Jarrett The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump. I would call the current Witch Hunt of President Trump the Russia Hoax as well. The mandate to investigate Russia’s meddling in the 2018 election gradually turned into a dirty laundry exposure against our President. Only Russia is interested in what is going on in America, to divide and paralyze the entire country …

Despite very thoughtful analyses by Gregg Jarrett, the media and some White House reporters have been pushing the Trump-Russia Collusion narrative for two years now, and many of them are not willing to let it go despite the fact that there’s still no “there there.” And I am repeating again: Knowledge is Power! Today the Trump/Russian collusion story has become a destructive narrative in Washington D.C. that overwhelms and prevents the normal functioning of the government and diverts attention from an actually serious foreign threat. Obama’s FBI is a hotbed of anti-Trump so-called conspiracies, it’s where the Obama/Putin Alliance launched their campaign to undermine Donald Trump, putting our country at great risk. Yet, Obama/Putin Alliance of the Democrat Party could only prevail on the prior foundation of the Andropov/Clinton conspiracy of the Democrat Party. To understand that it is necessary to go back and analyze the events and Clinton’s behavior in Oxford in 1969. Read my column Origin of the Washington Spy-Ring and the Swamp, March 31, 2018. I don’t know for how many years our Intel had been sleeping and missing an elephant in the “criminal cabal” –Bill Clinton. And the Clinton Mafia was growing into an international force, corrupting our political system from within…

When the FBI applied for the FISA warrant, the Bureau did not disclose that the dossier was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee. This is another fraud, which is connecting all bad actors of the “criminal cabal.” Despite an overwhelming fraud, the media desperately tries to keep the Trump/ Russia collusion ‘narrative’ alive, even as evidence fades and bad actors have been exposed. Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea of the massive, deep, and ubiquitous infiltration by the KGB into American institutions. They do not know that two U.S. Presidents had been chosen for them by the KGB.

America has two types of people committing betrayals: those who do not like the system established by our Founding Fathers and are trying to transform it– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy America the Beautiful, and those people who haven’t a clue about the KGB infiltrations, hence becoming their accomplices. Current security people won’t be able to identify them without reading my books and columns. One thing history as taught us that we cannot let up until the enemy is completely defeated.

August is a dangerous month—WW1 started by the Serbian Intel in August 1914. Today is a very dangerous time for the American Republic. We are witnessing the result of an incredible abuse and corruption within the weaponized FBI, CIA, and DOJ by the preceding administrations. In my opinion we are dealing today with a huge international conspiracy to oust President Trump. Moreover, this conspiracy is coordinated and run by the Russian Intelligence. The Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the accusation that Trump colluded with them, is the KGB’s maneuvering trick to cover-up their real collaboration with the Democrat Party for decades. It is not a coincidence that 20-30 of my latest columns described the KGB and its Chairman Yuri Andropov. We are witnessing the disastrous result of failed American Intelligence in August 2018…


First: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” was manufactured and organized by Russian Intel through Democrats’ leadership and the Clinton Mafia.

Second: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” consists of two groups: the leadership of the Deep State and the leadership of the Clinton Mafia. Today, Rod J. Rosenstein of the DOJ is a connective link of the two groups.

Third: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” is run by three individuals: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Vladimir Putin. The three are working together for decades…

Forth: Investigation of this huge case of international espionage and treason requires deep knowledge of Russia and its Intel. The current FBI Director, Christopher Wray did not read my books, he doesn’t know that it took Stalin twenty-nine years to create and establish the Chinese Communist State. The structure, agenda, and ideology were identical in Russia and China. The two National Intelligence Agencies executed the same strategy, tactics, methods, and tricks, working as a hand and glove. Yet, there is a difference today: a billion hardworking Chinese people have achieved substantially more than the alcoholic and drug addled Russians…

Knowledge Is Power!   Good luck America!

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To be continued

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