Florida’s GOP Senators Who Voted for Gun Control Face Major Backlash

This tar and feather symbolism in article below, is just another flashy “shiny object” action that does little to nothing to solve the problem. If anything, it will just help to elect Democrats to their seats especially if they have no Republicans running against them in Primaries – prime example State Sen Kelli Stargel who voted for this terrible law, has no Republican opponent but does have a rabid leftist in former Judge Doyel running against her.

What I have heard is that NRA dropped their lawsuit which didn’t contain anything about the gun seizure parts anyway.

To my knowledge neither the NRA or any of the other Florida gun advocacy groups have written or said anything about dangers of the ex parte, Risk Protection Order gun seizure parts of the law nor the use of a special social media site to send anonymous tips about possible threats nor the new threat monitoring bureaucracies created at both state & school district levels – why ?

We do know that 450 people in Broward and Pinellas counties have already had their firearms seized and that Pinellas county has even organized a gun seizing Task Force.

This more government gun control is the much bigger threat to all gun owners than just 21 year olds not being able to buy long guns and banning bump stocks. Yet what we have on it are chirping crickets?

Is anyone with any power to influence changes actually chasing this issue other than what we have heard from Jeff Mann running for Dist 56 FL House that he is writing proposed legislation to change the Marjory Stoneman School Safety (gun control) law?

I have also heard that the Senate Judiciary Committee will kill any attempts to change this Bad Law, e.g. not let proposals get to the Senate floor for discussion. Putting RINOs on this crucial committee like S. Florida RINO Flores is why we don’t have campus or airport (non-secure areas) carry.

Marian Hammer saying NRA doesn’t reveal their strategy is no help in terms of reducing the concern of gun owners – she could have least have said something like – We understand the concerns about gun seizures and we are working on fixes to reduce those concerns or some such.

The only good part about this terrible Law is Sherriff Judd’s Guardian Program and even it has been watered down by an option where School Supers & Sheriff’s must agree on either armed security guards for those schools without SROs or using trained, armed school employees to augment SROs or to protect those schools without SROS.

In case of Polk County for example, our liberal School Super Byrd didn’t want armed school employees recommended by Sherriff Judd and went with the minimum option of training security guards for elementary schools (since our middle & HSs all have 1 SRO). This is better than no armed good guys on campuses but more trained, good guys with guns on campuses would be better able to get to any bad guy/active shooter(s) and shoot them “graveyard dead”. More is better….should be the decision criteria here.

Less is better should be the decision criteria on bureaucratic govt. gun control & gun seizures in violation of our 2d, 4th, 5th and 14th Amendment rights.

Florida GOP senators face backlash after gun control vote …


Shortly after Florida senators narrowly passed a bill that raised the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 and imposed a minimum three-day waiting period on gun purchases, several Republican members received a gift hand delivered to their offices: a jar of tar and feathers.

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