Saudi Jamal Khashoggi Was A Terrorist

On Oct 2018, a Saudi national Jamal Khashoggi was killed by Saudi authorities.  As we all know by now is that he was killed inside the consulate in Turkey.  I avoid using the term murdered as most media (yes, even Fox News) say Khashoggi was murdered.  One kills a terrorist and one murders an innocent person.  There is absolutely no doubt that Khashoggi had  been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (A U.S. designated terrorist organization) and till the day of his death he had many terrorists friends and supporters.  Even the socialist (communist) liberal media admits this.  From the Brookings Institute:

“Yes, Jamal Khashoggi had many friends among the Muslim Brotherhood and, as his colleague David Ignatius reported days after his disappearance, had joined the movement himself as a young man before apparently shifting away from it later in his career. No one who knew Jamal at all is surprised by these facts”

How many people knew that David Ignatius a liberal writer and colleague had also joined the Muslim Brotherhood when he was younger.  To date I have seen nothing that indicates either Khashoggi nor Ignatius resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood, no longer maintain friendships with the current terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood, or denounced the beliefs of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Our beautiful country was attacked by Islamic (Muslim) terrorists on 1 Sept 2001.  Since that date our country has sought to eliminate Islamic terrorists and their supporters all over the world.  We have killed tens of thousands of these barbarians who are hell bent on destroying America and Israel.  America has not murdered the Muslim terrorists and their supporters, our government killed them, and rightly so.

America now has a policy that allows our government to kill terrorists who are American when they are out of the country.  So why are our politicians (from both sides) and our media calling the death of Khashoggi a murder?  Their are two reasons:

  1. Authorities from Saudi Arabia were involved in Khashoggi’s death.
  2. Khashoggi is being hailed as a journalist.

On the books anyway Saudi Arabia is on our side in the fight against Islamic terrorism.  The liberals in America hate Saudi Arabia (only now that President Trump is in power).  Saudi Arabia had every right to kill the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist/supporter in Turkey.  Who can deny this when even our country kills many terrorists in Syria and Iraq everyday and often there are innocent children killed during the attacks?  Sadly in war there are innocent people killed, but Khashoggi was not innocent.

The 2nd reason people are calling Khashoggi’s death a murder was because he was allegedly a journalist.  In reality Khashoggi was no more a journalist than ‘journalists’ from the Washington Post or other fake news organizations are.  But for some who disagree, being a journalist does not give you the right to belong to a terrorist organization, or to support a terrorist organization.  It is against American law.  Your chosen profession does not give you more rights than any other citizen.

We must continue to fight and kill terrorists who are attempting to overthrow and destroy our country, the country our children will inherit.  Support Saudi Arabia for the killing of an Islamic terrorist and stop crushing them.  Either we want them to fight terrorists alongside our country or we don’t.

I served my country on active duty for over 20 years.  It is up to our President to decide who and where to hunt Islamic terrorists and to decide their fate.  It is my personal belief that current and former Islamic terrorists (such as David Ignatius and CAIR officials) should be put in prison for supporting terrorists who have openly stated they want to destroy us.

I have been inactive as a civilian the last couple of years in doing my part in identifying Islamic terrorists operating inside America.  If you would like to see me back on the road to identify these people and organizations you can contact me at

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  1. pat little
    pat little says:

    Why are all these senators and congressmen up in arms over a non American muslim brotherhood terrorist? 70 journalists and many American journalists were beheaded and murdered by issis during the Obama era.Where was the outcry from these idiots during the Obama era.They are trying to ruin our economy and President Trump and in that order.


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