Highway to Hell

Is GLORIOUS day, Comrades!

The People’s Republic of Kalifornia has honored His O’liness (PBUH) by naming a highway after him.

A shovel-ready project built entirely out of left lanes, like his eight-year term served, from the start point of a Nobel Prize to the unveiling of the Presidential Portrait and funded by rethugglikkan tax dollars donations from citizens, this right left-of-way has no litter, potholes, or speed bumps as the press refuses to discuss any such possibility that they exist, in the name of transparency.

“Installation of the signs on the 134 Freeway from State Route 2 in Glendale to Interstate 210 in Pasadena was completed this week, more than a year after the presidential tribute was signed into state law in September 2017.”

Red Square said:

I trust the Obama Highway is under a very intense video and audio surveillance by the FBI. Those passing on the right are immediately arrested and investigated by the Mueller team for possible collusion, obstruction of justice, tax fraud, campaign contributions, and failure to register as foreign agents of their ancestral countries. Their homes and offices are being broken into at 3am, their correspondence seized, and charges leveled that will leave them broke and homeless.

Obama didn’t build that.

On the Obama Highway, you must hit a pothole to see what’s in it. And if you like your car after that, you can keep your car.

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by Ivan the Stakhanovets originally appeared on The Peoples Cube. It is republished with permission.

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