SHAME, SHAME, SHAME . . . ON FRANCE: The take down of Notre Dame and its significance

European Churches are vandalized, defecated on, and torched nearly everyday.  As a consequence of the current on-going Muslim invasion, in 2018, there were 1,063 reported deliberate acts of damage to Christian churches, statues, etc. in France alone.  That is nearly three a day.

The pro-Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism-sponsoring natural gas state of Qatar has recently funded the construction of a mega mosque overlooking the area where Charles Martel inflicted history’s first defeat on advancing Islamic jihadi invaders at the battle of Tours in 732.  Islam, is nothing, if not very cognizant of symbolisms.

So, with this background, the sacred ground of Tours surrendered to Islam, and with an accelerating vandalization and desecration of churches sweeping France, we’re supposed to believe that the take down of Notre Dame at the beginning of one of Christianity’s  most holy weeks was . . . an accident?

Yes, of course.  It was spontaneous combustion.  Such things do happen, you know.  And the pyramids were built by aliens.

Perhaps the Notre Dame fire was nothing more than just another example of “Work Place violence” . . . like Fort Hood, San Berdanino, and the Pulse night club in Orlando.

Let us look at the facts.  Notre Dame was built in 1163, and in nearly 900 years of existence there was never a single fire, yet, this April 2019 fire started “accidentally” in two different places, according to French TV.  Notre Dame Cathedral survived the turmoil of the Middle Ages, the Protestant Reformation, the thirty-years war, the French Revolution, the Franco-Prussian war, WWI, and WWII, only to be taken down by a fire that started “accidentally” in two different places, in a city that had recently seen an accelerating rash of Islamic desecrations of churches, including, Islamic attempts against Notre Dame itself, and coincidentally when the other symbol of France’s identity and existence, Charles Martel’s victory over invading Muslims, had just been desecrated by the terrorism sponsoring state of Qatar.

Of course, it just had to be a self-starting fire.

Oh, excuse me.  French authorities are now saying the fire was caused by an “electrical short.”  Yes, of course, in two places at the same time.

A brief walk through history is in order here:

Islam is obsessed with destroying the culture and the history of countries that it conquers, and the symbols of those cultures and histories.  This is why the Taliban destroyed those historic statues of Buddha.  This why the “Islamic State” destroyed 3,000 year-old Assyrian artwork and sculptures.  This is why the Obama-approved Muslim Brotherhood (when they were in power in Egypt 2012-2013) had been drawing up plans to take down the 5,000 year-old pyramids–before they themselves were taken down by the Egyptian people and military.

Just look at what Islam has done to symbols and centers of other religions during its 1400 years of existence:

First it took over the pagan Arab religious center in Mecca and made it the primary focal point of Islam and the place to which all Muslims were supposed to make a pilgrimage to at least once in their lifetimes.

Then, it took over the Christian patriarchal city of Jerusalem and built two mosques on grounds sacred to Judaism.  Next it took the patriarchal city of Antioch, the patriarchal city of Alexandria, and finally, the patriarchal city of Constantinople.  Only Rome remained out of their grasp.  But not for lack of trying.  Several jihadi invasions during the Middle Ages succeeded in raping nuns on altars and desecrating numerous churches, and killing priests . . . but the Vatican remained safe and sound behind its protective walls.  Walls that really worked. 

With this background we are supposed to be surprised that Islam has built a mega mosque on Charles Martel’s sacred ground?  And, with this historical background, we are supposed to believe that the fire that took down the 900-year old Notre Dame Cathedral and symbol of Western Civilization self-started in two different places, at the beginning of holy week?

Yes, maybe that mega mosque at Tours also self-assembled–by accident.

Let’s be honest now.  There is a prophecy in the ahadeeth about the latter days where Jesus Christ is supposed to “break the cross” (in a reference to post Nicaea Christianity) and “kill the pigs” (a reference to the Jews as pigs, according to Qur’an 5:60).  This prophecy is found in the Ahmad collection of ahadeeth 2:406, where Abu Hurrairah quotes Muhammad as saying:

I am the closest of all the people to Jesus son of Mary, because there is no other prophet between him and myself.  He will come again, and when you see him, you will recognize him.  He is of medium height and his coloring is reddish-white.  He will be wearing two garments and his hair will look wet.  He will break the cross, kill the pigs, abolish the gizya tax, and call the people to Islam.

This prophecy, and a few other similar ones, are why the radical fundamentalist Muslims have been increasing their killing of Jews and their attacks on Christians and symbols of Christianity—because they think that they are doing Allah’s work, helping to speed up the time when Jesus returns to finish the job of “breaking the cross,” and “killing the Jews.”

But, of course, Notre Dame was destroyed by an electrical short.  In two separate places simultaneously, by accident.

But, not to worry.  French President Macron is going to set up a committee to make plans for rebuilding Notre Dame, not in its original manifestation, no, but to make it “more beautiful, and more modern.” 

Yes, I can hardly wait to see what sort of multi-cultural platypus Macron’s Politically Correct committee will come up with.

Wanna bet it won’t have a large worship room for every faith represented in today’s France, except that one worship room will be larger than all the others?  Wanna bet this won’t be the worship room facing Mecca, with prayer rugs and a mihrab for ministering to the faithful?

Shame, shame, shame on you France, for allowing the desecration of the blood of Charles Martel’s heroes–and the stabbing of all Western Civilization in the heart.

Will the tower of London be Europe’s next mega mosque?


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